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    My life seems so endless and I am so alone... I have this constant hurt that aches within me, nothing ever helps me feel better. I am on Citalopram, they do help, but when I stop them I am so miserable that nothing exicites me.
    I find that I am doing un pleasant things on the computer that I do not like and feel guilty afterwards .
    I hate being alone.... Does anybody feel the way that I do?

    I am going to doctor to see if I can get some different meds, but im tired of reling on medicine to make me feel better .....
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    Your medication is generic Celexa. Stopping them is absolutely the wrong thing to do because it makes you miserable and you should be telling the doctor that you take yourself off the medication. Taking yourself off the medication reduces the efficiency of the medication and does away with the help it offers. No new meds will help when you take yourself off them. So (1) be fully honest and tell your psychiatrist EVERYTHING you are doing; (2) stop taking yourself off the medication; (3) remove the computer if you cannot stay on your medication.

    Truly we have to try to help ourselves and being completely honest and transparent with the psychiatrist and/or therapist is so necessary to get the help you need. Print out your thread here and give it to your psychiatrist and therapist to help them understand how you are feeling. Good luck and hugs.
  3. Tearz4Fears

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    Thank you for your advice , I do try but it is not easy
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    EXCELLENT advice so far. What is not easy?
    I NOT stop your meds. You said it yourself that you are miserable when you do, so don't.

    If you're spending a lot of time on your computer...try to find a site that is pleasant - something that you can enjoy that you don't feel so rotten about. I agree - guilt is a worthless emotion, although most of us do deal with it.

    Try to develop a new attitude - who cares if you need meds - many of us do for one reason or not. Diabetics often needs meds to help them for example, anti-depressants are no different for many. Hey, if they help, don't fight it.

    Also - you might want to visit the depression board. Much more activity over there.

    Do be honest with your Dr. VERY important or you won't get the help you need.
    and...don't be so hard on yourself. =)
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    I don't know how old you are, but being lonely affects all ages. You can be in a room full of people, and you can feel alone. I'm an old grandma, 72 years old. Everyone is gone in my parents' families. I have three grown children scattered throughout the U.S., and one forty year old daughter in my hometown who is so very busy. I don't count in her life, but that's the breaks.

    I go through different periods of sadness and melancholiness. I'm a retired school teacher, but I go out and work as a substitute every day, and staying busy helps a lot. Week-ends are so painful because other than washing and ironing and watching t.v., life is empty. I wish there were other old ladies out there like me who would like to just chat occasionally, but a lot of older people don't know how to use computers, and that's that.

    If you are a young or middle age person, all I can tell you is that it's okay to feel bad every now and then. It's part of being human, but too much medication can lead to dependence on artificial means. I've suffered from anxiety my whole life, and I must have inherited that from my father because I've been taking the same medication for thirty-five years. I would get anxiety attacks, and my heart would start racing and I couldn't breathe before I was put on Ativan 1 mgm at night before going to bed. My anxiety caused me insomnia, and well, you can imagine what a drag out feeling you can have if you can't sleep.

    Making yourself some nice green tea without caffeine can soothe your loneliness, and watching comedies or reading comedy and just laughing is really therapeutic. I like to watch Jay Leno at 10:30 P.M. CST before I go to sleep. His monologue is so darn funny, and most of what he does is funny. Watching comedy has alleviated my periods of loneliness, but nothing can replace another human to talk to.

    Look, I didn't mean to monopolize your time. But, whoever you are, if you want to talk to an old lonely grandmother, hey, I'm here. Take care. By the way, I have three cats that I live with. They're my babies. One of them is nine years old, the other two are 2 and 3 years old. I love pets, they are here waiting for me when I come home from work.

    Take care,