I'm so angry!

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    I'm a teacher who is about to retire. This has been a really stressful year. I cannot believe all the times we were told we'd do things one way only to have it reversed a very short time later! Here it is in the last three weeks of school, all of us utterly sufficating under a pile of tests we have to give, when the school district decides to have us all give a series of OTHER tests, one hour each, for three days! If that wasn't bad enough, they gave us the tests at the last minute completely uncollated or stapled, with instructions to do it this morning!

    Now comes the really bad part! It was 17 pages long with an Scantron answer sheet. There was no time to get the test started and done in the time provided without giving each kid the answer sheet and the first page and telling them to start! I personally had to pass out each of the seventeen pages to 30 children with no helper in sight! Both of my hands are killing me becaus of carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia! If I hold my hands up like I had to in order to pass out all those papers, I am in really bad pain! Could I find any help?! No!!! Even when I complained of pain! Why in the world do we need to do a whole testing program at the very last minute?! Public education has gone insane!
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    the 30 potential "volunteers" in your classroom? Let the little monsters help you out when necessary. It gives them a feeling of worth, and will help them in the long run. If you feel it necessary, tell them you have a problem with your hands. Call it arthritis if you like.
    I can tell you the reason for the last minute test. It needed to be made easier so that a high enough percentage of the students are able to pass it. You may think I jest, but it was announced last week that all education standards must be lowered because too many students were unable to pass. Don't get me started on this subject, please. I haven't had my rabies shot this year.
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    Same in the UK too.

    Tests, tests, tests; oh and league tables too just to add some more pressure and stress for students and teachers.

    Primary school teachers threatened to boycott SATS for 7 years olds and insisted that children this young should be assessed by their teachers instead.

    Seems the government has a last taken notice, today the Education Minister agreed to have the matter looked into.

    I used to teach but had to give that up. I do miss it but one consolation is that the job has changed out of all recognition; figures, league tables, and spin, seem to have gone madly out of control.

    Sorry to hear about your bad day.


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    The education system has gone insane. The testing is unfair to many students. Nothing should be based on one test. We have the MCAssT here, which students have to pass in order to get a diploma.
    The state is trying to raise standards and decimate funding at the same time.
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    I agree the education system has gone insane but that is a whole nother story.

    Do you teach elementary school?
    If so, my mom is involved in a great program called Foster Grandparents. She goes to the 2nd grade for five hours a day and assists the teachers with things like this and with helping students in need. (by the way , she got her results yesterday and her girls reading levels went up by 10 and the boys by 11 levels. Yoo Hoo !!)
    Since you are about to retire, I doubt this info will do you much good but maybe it could help another teacher see if this program is available in their area.

    In the mean time, ask for help from your superiors. I know they will balk, but keep asking.
    My best to you.
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    i'm a teachers aid for 5th grade.it drives us all crazy when they do things like that.what i would have done was to lay the pages out in order on a table and the kids walk by and pick their pages up in order.the 2 teachers i work for teach together and there are 68 kids in the classroom. it's a great way to get papers put together!

    kathy c
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    I teach 2nd grade. I know where you are coming from. All of the work at the end of school is unreal. BUT... it's almost the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I really needed to do that. Well, tomorrow I'll enlist the aid of my students for getting the papers passed out. Today that was impossible due to the lack of time for the stupid - yes stupid! [as you can see, I'm not over it yet] test. I had all day to get it done, but since passing hangs on that small book of papers, I decided to finish it in the morning while the kids were relatively fresh. It was supposed to be for one hour, and I even carved five minutes out of their already short lunch time to get it done in the morning.

    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS [That's the sound of smoke coming out of my ears!]

    Thanks again,
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    It's really awful what they've done to our school system. I have many teachers within my family and it's a shame. One left when they took the rights of teachers away to stick up for themselves. He's had enough!! dolsgirl
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    I have my youngest son in a really small christian private school and he does just wonderfully. I homeschooled my three boys for a long time, but the oldest two wanted to return to public school for the companionship of thier friends. We did alot with other people and homeschool families, but it was not the same for them. We are not so sure it was the right choice to make, but at least they are in a really little school.
    The testing on the other hand it a joke. I use to help out in class all the time until I just could not do it anymore. The kids are out of control, the teachers have no control, and the parents wont give them any.
    Parents upset me more than anything because they choose material things over time with thier children.
    My sister is a prime example of that. She works all the time and her kids are out of control. She has a 10th grader on the 3rd grade reading level. Not because she has problems, but because my sister refused to even teach her the ABC's because that was the Teachers responsibility when she started school and that is what her tax dollars went to!!!!!
    I could not believe the way she thought. Alot of parents do. They also don't want to take control of thier children and expect teachers to do it all.
    I just get so mad at the government for trying to tell the teachers how to do thier jobs and parents for not being parents.
    Sorry to rant like this, but I just get sooooo stewed.
    God bless you all
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    It seems that teachers need a message board, also!
    I didn't mention that the state govt. here in Mass is trying to take away bargaining from the teacher's unions here. Are they kidding? I am single.
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    Does it surprise any of you that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is very common among school teachers? I had to get out of the field myself because of the stress, even before I found out that I what I had was fibro.
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    I was diagnosed with FM in October, after returning to work, in my fifth year of teaching. I travel around to six schools with art supplies in the back of my car, and do "Art on a Cart" in each building. It can get gruelling for me.
    Just think, six principals, about 38 teachers, 800 children and a fine arts director to keep happy.
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    I am envious that you are about to retire.
    You are getting out at the right time.
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    I totally agree with the comments about schools. Im in the uk and work with 11 to 16 year olds, most of them with special needs. The system is in the same mess as in the us by the sound of it.
    I wish i were closer to retiring, im 34!! Have a few years to go yet. Im struggling badly at the moment and am signed off work by my doctor due to the pain. I find the staff really unsympathetic and the stress is really getting to me. Im due to return to work on June 2nd and can honestly say im dreading it! I love the kids, they are great on the whole, but if id known what i know now, i would never have gone into education!! Its all about paperwork and money, not the kids welfare and education. The workload put on teachers is really pathetic....sorry im going off on one now LOL

    Take care all