I'm so Bored with my cooking, right now!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaminhealth, May 19, 2013.

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    So today went to the Pavilions market, which is owned by Safeway here, bought a couple of their personal size Supreme Pizzas by Open Nature, and added a bunch of my "stuff" to it before I put it in the oven...added sauted crimini mushrooms, dolops of goat cheese and piles of chopped cilantro...it was orgasmic....I so enjoyed it and I'm stuffed.....

    Open Nature is their kinda "clean leaning kinda organic brand"....
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    I have had BAD reactions with fresh tomatoes so I never use them at home, cooked tomatoes yes, but fresh not good for me....I get a lot more pain....

    Anatabloc (anatabine) is comprised of alkaloids from nightshades and tobacco and some science to this supp is helping me so much, I don't try to figure it out anymore....I just keep taking it and gertting to feeling less pain overall......not totally but enough relief to stay with it.

    Whole Foods sells a pizza with pesto and goat cheese and I 've bought them, small personal ones, and they are good.....Goat Cheese is an acquired taste and also lower in fat, etc....I enjoy it and usually smear some of the Trader Joe's Mango Chutney on it....yum.... and I love cilantro so try to remember to use it a lot...

    Oh our taste buds.....I may do the other pizza tomorrow as I have some mushrooms left to cook.....it was probably the best pizza I ever tasted in my buds.....I like my pizza really thin and these are thin crusts.....I need to go to TJ's next week as they are close to my hairdresser and I'm getting due.....jam
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    Yes, I do like eggplant a lot, but I don't go out of my way to eat it, again a nightshade, but when I eat it, it doesn't seem to bother me....but again so seldom...

    Diane or anyone, is there a way to DELETE our posts if we want to...do you know if that's possible....we could before....jam
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    RE: Anatabloc (anatabine ), it seems the tobacco alkaloid is the MOST active ingredient in this supp, people have reported when they stopped smoking over the years they smoked, they got pain in their bodies...can't say that for me, I never smoked.....
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    Looking at this thread, I see only 3 Delete options....the rest of the posts no Delete options....
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    I guess my "thing" is being able to delete stuff that no one really ever looks at, the stuff just hangs around and fills up more space, etc....being the minimalist I like to think I am, I like to get rid of stuff....As they NOW,

    IT IS WHAT IT IS......
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    Hi everyone,

    Jam - Did you know that pizza is a food group ???? To me it is anyway. I LOVE it ! The pizza your fixed up for yourself sounded absolutely wonderful. I to have never found a cheese I didn't like. Years ago, my dad would make himself a Limburger cheese sandwich probably on Rye bread with onion. It was soo good and stinky too but I didn't care. I also don't know if they even sell that cheese anymore, at least I haven't seen it.

    BTW, I already sent a note the other day to the Moderators asking about the deleting your own thread options. It sounds to me like you have to go all the way to the top administrator /Moderator to have them delete it. I will let you now when I hear anything. I just heard that they needed to know the post so they could delete it. Luckily, I didn't put anything really bad in it :)!!!! Not sure if we will be able to do it ourselves. I know you can delete the last thread I think it was. When I deleted I had hoped to delete the whole thread but it didn't work. I know it did on the last site.

    Diane - Hi there, hope you are doing well. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't eat at least some dairy , like CHEESE:!!! Sorry you can't have it or much anyway but I know you have to do what you have to do.

    I do love eggplant and so does DH but haven't cooked it in a long time. It is very good for you and I should make it more. We usually don't fry anything but know you can also just bake it without breading it to sort of making a tomato sauce and cheeses of course.

    Well, gotta run for now. Just popping in to see if anything interesting was happening.

    Love to you all,
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    Granni, I have not met a cheese I didn't like either, but Head Cheese, which is not a cheese....My dad and mom, dad especially ate head cheese, I have never tasted it.....

    I like pizza lot too, the thinner crust the better, my pizza the other day was out of sight...I think I'll make the other one tomorrow while mushrooms are still ok... But, it's high carbs and high sodium and I really work at staying off bread (white flour stuff).....but I break down.....just don't run like I use to because of my pain issues....so, the fat piles on....and cheese not good for arteries, and I would NOT eat the low fat, no fat cheese, forget that....so moderation on both...

    I've been good lately and not broke down and bought ice cream, again the real stuff or nothing...and if it's not around, then can't eat it.

    Saw all the exchange on the DELETE issue.....

    Just watching CNN and all the devestation in OK, so so bad. jam
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    Oh Diane, If Only, If Only, If Only.....

    I have NOT had a grilled cheese sandwich in YEARS....I was raised on them with garden fresh tomatoes in the summer, but mac and cheese and grilled cheese and Velveeta, I still see boxes of Velveeta in the market, but RESIST buying, it's all processed....

    Thinking about all this took me back to Isaly's Chipped Ham sandwiches, with garden lettuce, tomatoes and mayo...to die for, huh.....

    I don't bring bread in the house and will not start...but have fond memories, if only....jam

    If only, I had none of this pain mess and structural stuff but I do....at least I'm back on my recumbent
    bike and did 15 min last night, I'll continue, better than not.....
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    Julie, when I feel a "need" for a bread like thing, I will buy Ezekial flourless tortillas, you can make a nice sandwich wrap with these, I've done it....right now I have none at home and not in the mood for it either...living alone, cooking for one, makes things easier for one..... I was still eating breadstuff in my 50's....my tummy is not the size I'd like to see.....
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    Good morning awl ! Will be leaving soon to go sing at possibly our list "GIG" for the season until we start again probably in September or so. We will go to the local Methodist church where they have a fantastic program for Alzheimer and Dementia Patients and their caregivers. Part of the program will be us but they do all sorts of fun "games" and exercises for their brain and body. Such a wonderful program. They even give us lunch.ng.

    I had to laugh also about the Headcheese thing. It looks gross and I will eat almost everything. That is one thing I don't want to touch - sorry for anyone who might like it. I just wonder now what is good for you to eat besides fruits and veggies :)??? Won't give up cheese and have found some that are 2 % and melt and taste pretty good. We don't eat much bread but occasionally and love pasta so eat the whole wheat or whole grain.

    TTYAL:. Gotta run.