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    Have just been back to the doctor, who again has signed another two weeks, won't do anymore. Went to see him when back was so bad - had to go cos have moved out of his area and not told them! - which after 3 weeks he then changed to depression. Changed meds - off amitriptiline cos hallucinating (150mg) and has now put me on 10mg Cipramil. First week dopy, now not sleeping properly again. He thinks the dreams are nightmares - but 'we shouldn't think that it is down to the Fibro'. Then cos the back pain is back - had week and half off - can't do much because on Vioxx and Co-dydramol and now he thinks it is a manifestation of the depression, because he only sees me with the pain when I am down.

    Scream scream scream.....That's because I can no longer cope with the pain.
    What do I do? How the hell find a doctor that will recognise the Fibro and its resultant effects than just seeing it as depression - and I need to force myself back to work even if it is a 'mind numbingly boring' as he put it, so that I can stay within the reality of the world and not focus on myself!!! Tears flowing!

    The UK has a worse record, and the rhematologist here tells you have fibro, his nurse will give you a leaflet and he thinks there might be a support group nearby! That was it 5 years ago...unfortunately the group meets on a night when I already have committments. When I did go they were so negative, I couldn't cope with it!

    Sorry everyone, bad afternoon...

    Love to you all

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    hug and strength

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    only just found this board so hope things are much better
    I have had fibro 9 years found out most I know myself. all I got was a leaflet not even support group.Doc's really know how to make you feel good !!!!

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    Hi Jacqui

    Know what you're going through - my depression because of this illness has coloured so many docs./specialists opinions of me - I just know they think it's all due to depression when it's not. I'm depressed because my body is failing me. I've finally relented and started taking Avanza (Remeron, in the US I think). It has helped helped me sleep all night and increase my appetite which is good, but my muscles are still the problem - always in spasm and tight with gritty prickling sensations. I've had no bad side effects from the Avanza; I did try Zoloft for 3 days and felt 100 times worse.

    Still desperate to try and improve my physical symptoms. You are not mad - you are a brave person trying to cope with something that none of the doctors have ever experienced first hand. I too resent the 'must be nut' reactions I get when the distress is caused by the physical symptoms. Anyone would be terrified, tearful, distressed if they were experiencing what we experience. Hangin there girl!

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    Really appreciate your replies and knowing that there are others that understand.

    Gentle hugs