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    We started going to a new church this fall(from catholic to Free methodist)and the whole family loves it!
    We began taking classes for membership, and they talk to each lf us about our gifts and talents for ministry in the church. The Pastor wants me to do a support group for CFS/FMS. I was blown away. There is none in our area, and I've thought about it before but it did'nt feel right. But to be able to have it ina church, and to have there support,I really want to do it now! I have a hundred ideas and am very excited. I know God put me at that church for a reason, and maybe this is one of them. Please pray for me, Lori.
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    I am so very happy that you and family have found a church that is taking such a personal interest in each of you, and how you can minister to a hurting world.

    I think it is such a blessing to be asked to begin a FMS/CFS support group will be an answer to a lot of peoples prayer, a very much needed ministry.

    Dear Heavenly Father:

    I come to You in the name Of Jesus, our Beloved Saviour, and ask that You bless Lori in her support group. Lord, I ask that You give her guidance and wisdom and pray that this will be an encourgemnt and help to so many that feel alone and suffering with this disease. Lord, please , I ask that You use Lori in a special way, that her suffering with this disease will glorify You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    God Bless you, lori! blessings
    p.s. I feel excited for you(smile)
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    That really touched my heart.You prayed so eloquently,I will pray this often. I pray that The Lord would Bless you for an encouraging heart,your gift of prayer. In Jesus's name, Amen. Love to you, Lori.