im so lost and i dont know where to go or who to turn to

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    I am 21 i just lost my sister in oct we were very close because we were both adopted she was very beautiful and she had alot to live ever since that day in the hospital room i have drank and had sex with alot of girls to try and get my mind off of it because all i wanna do when i think about it is cry and wanna punch something and i just cant take this anymore i dont know where to turn
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister.

    Start off with going to Alcoholics Anonymous and get dried out. Alcohol only increases depression. Your sister was worth far more to you than you becoming an alcoholic. Determine that you will get rid of all the alcohol and go right away to Alcoholics Anonymous and start living your life to honor your sister instead of living a low down life.

    Having sex with multiple partners can leave you with a STDs and even some STDs that may last a life time or shorten your life or even produce children with a drunk partner from hell. Again, you don't honor your sister doing this and it's part of living a low down life You want to get to Alcoholics Anonymous and you will probably find others there like you.

    If you're still struggling, go to a psychiatrist or therapist to get help. Grieving is a process that you go through and alcohol is keeping you from fully grieving and working through it. You can't avoid the grieving with alcohol and sex--you have to experience it and work through it.

    Ultimately you have to care enough to do this for yourself--or do it for your sister-- and no one can do it for you. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many and each day is a chance for a new beginning for you. Today is your chance for a fresh new start--take it!!!!