I'm so mad tonight. I need answers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teller7, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. teller7

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    I've had spells all weekend. I'm getting so mad about it. I keep thinking maybe there's something the doctors are missing and I don't have this. Have any of you felt this way? This is almost exactly how the spells happen. Here goes. I'm feeling fairly good. I get up and put a load of wash in or do some work in the kitchen. About 5 minutes later my legs feel like rubber. A short time later I can hardly walk right. Then I start to get a headache (not always). So I sit down and then my arms and legs get that mysterious cold feeling. Then I can't concentrate or talk normal. I can't think of what I want to say, etc. Then if I don't take a clonazepan and lay down for a few hours, I get the feeling like I'm passing out, but I don't. My God, someone please tell me it's something else and I can get over it soon. I'm sorry everyone for bitching, but this has got me in a horrible mood. Please answer me soon.
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    I know that I have spells like that all the time and I too get so mad that I just see red. I have thought that several times myself, the doctors have to be wrong this just isnt normal at all. Unfortunatly I think that the doctors are right and I do have this. From all the stuff that I have read on here and in my own research those are classic symptoms( or to me they are cause that sounds like everyday). Today I thought I had the energy to move a mountian, loaded up the car with my laundry and headed out. Well 15 loads later, yes 15 lol I feel like I am dieing. My arms hurt, my chest hurts, my legs hurt, my head hurts, I am dizzy and I can think for nothing. I have to double check every post because I think that it sounds like jibberish lol. So don't feel bad hun, think we have all been there and you just go right ahead and vent that is what we are here for. Hugs and I hope you feel better

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    This does not sound like FM or CFS, it must be something else that is bothering you. Could you be getting a virus or something? There is so many illnesses going around now.

    HOpefully someone else can relate to what you are going through.

    Take care, and do try to rest untill you find out what is going on.

    You are eating, right??

    Shalom, Shirl
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    If what you described is not "normal" fibro feelings you have then it could be something else, but what you described fits me all the way around. I have had the passing out feeling and verdigo, also cold hands, legs and feet. My thermostat is all outta whack. My legs when I stand to long get that shaky rubbery feeling. If you don't feel better by tomorrow esp if this isnt normal fibro symptoms for you then would be wise to see the doc.
    hope you feel better really soon, best wishes

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    I get this too and for me it is a panic disorder thing. I've had panic for 11 years and I don't get the flaming, wild and crazy ones anymore, now I get the body symptoms of it. The very same thing you have. This may or may not be your problem. Do you get crawling skin and a choking sensation too? Hope you feel better, I hate those kinds of symptoms. N