I'm so scared ~ does this sound like Thyroid Cancer?..

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    Hi there,
    I found this site after searching the internet for hours re my symptoms.
    For a little background ~ I've been suffering with constant pain and severe tenderness to the touch down the central-right area of my neck for almost a year now... especially around the right side of my adams apple and below, and under my jaw.
    (Unfortunately for me, when it 1st started i had just moved house and had to change my doctors to what i can now term a totally negligent doctors surgery, who basically told me i was a hypochondriac and that it would go away on its own. Eventually, after out-of-hours emergency visits and countless doctors appointments i was treated for a possible viral throat infection (treatment did not stop my symptoms, and i was later instructed that no, i did not have a viral infection) and still treated like i was basically lying).
    After around 8 months of suffering with these awful external pains in my neck, under my chin, around the right side of my adams apple and at the right-front base of my neck (plus difficulty/pain when swallowing, hoarse voice, a feeling of a lump in my throat, and for a while even difficulty in breathing) i had such a bad turn that i ended up in A&E at hospital twice, totally terrified and in agony.
    The A&E doctors sent me for blood-tests (i wish i kew which ones) and a chest x-ray, plus a physical examination of my throat with her torch and could find nothing wrong ~ but told me i needed to get myself referred to an ENT specialist.
    Eventually my mum had to complain to the practice manager at my doctors surgery to get a doctor to refer me to ENT.
    At last i saw the ENT specialist who ordered more blood-tests, and on 2 seperate occasions stuck a lighted camera up my nose to look at part of my throat. She prescribed me Omeprazole PPI and Peptic liquid for possible GERD/LPR, which i've now been taking for 2-3 months ~ with no relief.
    I had an Endoscopy yesterday with a Gastroscope which showed all of my gullet and stomach to be completely normal, so the ENT was wrong ~ it is not GERD or LPR.

    Now i'm absolutely *terrified* that it could be thyroid cancer or some other cancer.... im also terrified that it is being left for so long (12months+) and i desperately dont want it to spread if it is cancer.

    The pain in my neck/under my chin/around my adams apple is just horrible ~ whenever i swallow, talk, eat, drink or move my neck, im constantly reminded of it ~ i would describe it as *extremely* tender to the touch (i cant even very gently rub moisturiser into or cleanse my neck properly anymore b/c it hurts me too much), plus theres a constant ache and sense of pressure/strangling sensation and stabbing/sharp pains also from time to time. ... along with a feeling of a lump in my throat and difficulty/pain in swallowing, and on-and-off pain in my right-chest and back of neck/ear. I also occasionally get awful pain in the back of head/base of my skull.

    Im sorry for such a long message ~ im just so very scared about this and iv been suffering so long with it i feel drained and desperate as the doctors arent working quickly enough to help me.

    Do my symptoms sound like anything you have heard of or personally experienced?.. my web searches keep sending me back to potential thyroid cancer

    Please help ~ im terrified. xxxxxxx
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    *Constant moderate to severe pain and severe tenderness to the touch: all down central-right side of neck (down side of adams apple, under my chin and base of neck etc)
    *Intermittent mild to moderate pain and tenderness: in right-side of upper chest (around the tip of the bone), back of neck and base of skull.
    *Tightness/strangling feeling around neck
    *Feeling of lump in my throat
    *Pain and difficulty swallowing saliva, food, drink etc
    *Hoarse voice
    *Extra sharp pains if i shout, stretch my neck in certain angles and sometimes just the movement of my neck when i talk.

    I had lots of blood-tests a month or two ago (thyroid function, thyroglobulin, calcitonin etc) which all apparently came back 'normal', but i've heard you can still have thyroid cancer, thyroiditis, nodules etc with negative blood-test results, which again has terrified me.

    I'm still fighting to be referred for a scan to my neck area/thyroid, but i did have a chest x-ray which also came back normal.

    Can anyone help me with any advice or confirmation, as im going out of my mind.

    Thanks so much. xx
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