I'm so tired of hurting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovethesun, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I know that it's just the moment and the rain-but yesterday I couldn't move out of bed.My eyes kept not focusing so I couldn't watch TV,read a book or play with my computer for too long.My legs were cramping and my back and neck hurt.I was sooo bored-I cannot stand the boredom sometimes.

    At about 8 pm my husband grabbed my wheelchair and said "let's go to the moose club."I watched my husband and son play pool and people walking around ,having fun, and I thought"I used to do that."Sorry this is long for me.I just needed to complain.I have water therapy through easter seals this summer and I'm sure it will help me.I can't be strong to everybody all the time.Linda
  2. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I hope you feel better soon:) I was reading your bio, have you ever thought about using the Guai Protocol to reverse the FM? (Dr. Paul St. Amand protocol)

    I'm on it and I'm not going to say its easy cause its not but I do believe it is working for me.

    At any rate Linda take care and I'll be thinking about you:)
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  3. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    i join you in the statement to....

    i will also start in water therapy and also have a treatment plan set out by my pain clinic for physiotherapy and all sorts of other things and as you say, i'm sure it will help me, but.....

    I also understand the "i used to do that" i get that often just when i sit and think "happy thoughts" to try and keep myself positive, remembering dance course, holidays, when i used to go out clubbing.

    I nstead of thinking that you used to do something try and think of something that you can still do now and do that.

    Just a thought?

    Big hugs to you,
  4. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    we all feel like this. I stay at home all the time while my husband bowls, plays golf, works, and all the things I used to do(except golf) I think he likes knowing everytime he comes home, Im sitting here waiting on him. The water therapy will be a God send!! I started with water therapy and then moved to the YMCA to their arthritis class and now Im taking water arobics. I love it!!

    I get a good discount at the Y. Do you have one in your area that has an indoor pool? mine also has a huge whirlpool that helps me sooo much. Hang in there and remember we are here for you.
  5. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    battleweary,Dee50,wamps,prickles,shelbyeatenton,grg1988 andpemaw50.

    I was so depressed that I went to sleep after writing this.Then I couldn't get back on broadband because we were behind on our phone bill>I have AOL though and I reconfigured the settings and here I am.

    You really made my day. Pemaw54-I used to go to the hendersonville Y but I hear the Easter seals therapy pool is better out here.
    Linda[This Message was Edited on 04/06/2006]
  6. NyroFan

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    Although I take cabs where I need to go (cheaper for me than maintaining a car) I flare somewhat like you.
    I went to the opeing of Wegman's Supermarket today and it was so crowded I have to weave in and out of people.
    I ate there where everyone was crushing the food bar.
    I got what I wanted, went upstairs to eat ===and again: more people.

    I came home and crashed. It just goes to show me that the so-called simple things can break us down, like you with the car and me with the shopping. I am ready to scream.

  7. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I am so sorry that you have been so down...but glad that your hubby got you out of the house.

    I pray for you dear!
    I am sorry to cut all of my posts so short, but I figured short is better than nothing! I have put off coming to the computer because of this back and hip pain.
    But, I miss you guys so much!

    Also, the doc moved my ortho appointment up to 4/12!!

    Love, Mari

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