I'm so tired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Antenbunny, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Antenbunny

    Antenbunny New Member

    I haven't gotten out of bed for two days. It's a chore just to go to the bathroom. Any ideas for some energy?
  2. mitch123

    mitch123 New Member

    A high voltage cattle muster stick! Just kidding!
    For energy try Co Q10 or NADH, do a search. For me the best thing for energy is acupuncture.
    I hope your feeling better soon!
  3. Eve612

    Eve612 New Member

    I have felt "half dead" for so long now, I can barely remember what it felt like to feel good & have energy to do things. I am still searching for something to help. If you stumble across something, please post. I already take CO Q-10 & all the B vitamins, & hasn't helped....

  4. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    I hear ya! I am so tired of being tired...My doc wont give me B-12 shots... I need help!!! Iggy
  5. chantily003

    chantily003 New Member

    My doctor was kind enough to give me a B12 shot, but it was useless... Good Luck Iggy