im so upset ; i need a friend

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  1. poppy34

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    hi ; i called my dr because my leg pain is bad ! ive been crying alot this week i cant stand the pain. i asked him if he could give me something stronger he said for me to take 2ultram every six hours. im aready taking that . he said he cant do anything else. im so mad ! i just want something to take when i have bad days. i feel like no one beleives me im in pain the dr isnt me . my husband says he belives me but i feel he dont understand at all.i feel so alone with this dd. thank you for listen i need a friend bye poppy
  2. granmakitty12

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    Could it be that the muscles in your legs are really tight?
    Maybe you need to do some gentle stretching several times a day. This usually helps relieve my leg pain. I stress the word "gentle". Best of luck to you with your pain.
  3. opalsgemfire

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    Hi i'm sorry to hear you are in pain. I wish there was a way i could help. I too have lots of pain, but manage to work through it or if i don't i'm in bed all day and my family is understanding. I'm always here to talk to if you just need someone to listen. email me at
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    I suffered from leg pain and restless legs. My doctor put me on Soma and 1mg of Klonopin every night. No more leg pain or restless legs. And, the quality sleep is a Godsend!

    Do Not suffer needlessly. Either your provider doesn't believe the intensity of your pain, or is afraid to prescribe anything more, or just doesn't care.

    Take your money or health insurance somewhere else. We pay them; they work for us. Find one that is willing to give you your money's worth.

    I hope you get relief soon. Blessings, Carol...
  5. Peace7

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    taking a nice hot bath with plenty (maybe 2 cups) of epsom salts while listening to soothing music.

    My rheumatologist recommended that I take Magnesium with Malic Acid twice a day. Have you tried that?

    If your doctor can't give you relief, then you might look into a pain management doctor.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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  6. Katlover

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    I am SO sorry you are hurting so bad. I get in the same shape sometimes only mine is with my neck, back, shoulder and both arms. You are not alone. Not by a long shot! There are LOTS of us out here. I never realized how many until I found this site. If you aren't getting the medical help that you need you may need to consider changing doctors. Try to find a good Rhumy doctor or a pain management doctor. My pain management doctor is now my best friend! With the proper support we CAN have some kind of a life. If you need support, you know where to come. Even though I don't know you, I feel like we are all like family. We all have been thrown a real blow with this DD and I know how you feel. You aren't alone!
  7. layinglow

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    Hi hon,
    I am so sorry you are in such pain. I have been there, and felt the same hopelessness you are feeling. There are doctors out there, who are compassionate, and correctly educated on pain relief. Please do not give up, but search for one.
    I too, take ultram, in the same doses as you each day. Additionally, I take klonopin at nite, which helps with sleep, and especially helps with RLS and nerve pain in my legs. Fortunately I have a Dr. who has prescribed narcotics on those days that the ultram is not able to control my pain.
    Please try to find a Doctor who will manage your pain. There is no reason, for you to be crying, in pain.
  8. BlackPanther

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    I'm so sorry you are hurting. Do you have fibro? My legs hurt from 1983 to 1996 and all the pain meds did nothing but give me stomach trouble. Last summer I found out I have fibro. I now know about the muscle spasms. The hot bath with epsom salts works wonders, and any kind of relaxation meditation or prayer with it helps also. When my whole body is in spasm including the skin (which I really hate), I take 5mg of Valium and meditate along with the bath. Massage helps too. Gentle massage. Do you have a rheumatologist who treats fibromyalgia. You MUST find one, if not. I don't have anyone to massage my legs for me, but I do have a homedic foot massager, which also works up the legs. You are NOT alone. I invite you to the fibro chat room. there are lots of wonderful caring people there who understand. hugs and rainbows. BlackPanther