I'M SOOO FRUSTRATED!! also ? about Amitriptyline cream

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    I saw my doc on Monday...the nurse asked how I was, I said fine, she said "no you are not, I can tell" she was right of course.

    When the doc came in he asked and I told him...I am feeling as bad as I did the first day I saw him. I had been improving some but had returned to what I know as my baseline. He asked how that could be? How the crap should I know your the freakin doc (no I didn't say that...wish I had though) I told him how the meds had been working and how in the begining I had some good days and didn't need meds...as I had extra I used them now on my really bad days...even taking extra is not touching my hip/back pain. His response was "well you are on plenty of pain meds...I'll refill those and give you a new cream use it where it hurts" Which by the way is another compounded cream which my insuracne will not pay for.

    Then he said ok so I'll give you another round of shots...2 in my neck and two in my lower back. When he put them ones in my back it hurt so bad I knew I was in trouble...sure enough a few hours later I felt like my back was one big burise...now today I can hardly walk, my hips are throbbing and I just wanna lay down and cry...but instead I am here at work counting the minutes until I can take more meds...but I dont' know why as they are not helping.

    My meds now are:
    Celebrex 200mg
    Wellbutrin 150mg
    Norflex 1 twice a day
    Ultracet 1 twice a day
    Progesterone cream
    He added this amitriptyline cream

    persoanlly I don't see how this is considered "plenty" of pain meds...there is nothing long acting and even if I take 3 ultracet at one time...nothing.

    I sat in his room and cried...I asked him if I just need to learn to realize that I will always hurt like this? He said "no of course not...you wanna come back in 2 or 3 weeks...ok see you then"

    I know that I dont' post a lot...I always feel like I am whinning...or that I don't have enough "time under my belt" to be of much help to anyone. but I do read a lot and pray for each and everyone of you. I've been called a hypocondriac/whinner most of my life so I have a very hard time even coming to you guys...I dont' want to be whinniy I want to be strong. But I am getting tired again...tired of hurting...tired of getting the run around...so I sucked it up and posted this.

    Any of you use the amitriptyline cream? Isn't that an antidepressant? Does it work? I'm afraid to buy it...money is too tight for me to waste it on something that wont' work. Any info you could give would be great.

    Thanks for listening to me!
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    i take amytriptyline in pill form at night before bed as it helps to relax the muscles enough to keep the pain at bay long enough to sleep and the way they work helps to stop the pain from waking me back up again.

    your right that amytriptyline is an anti d but its a tryclyic anti d which means its effective in relaxing muscles.

    so to this end i see two benefits of your cream, the first is the cream will relax the muscle your rubbing it into and so bring about less pain and the second being the act of massaging your back alone will bring about its own benefits.

    i like my amytriptyline and ive not had any bad effects.
  3. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    it being a trisylic (sp) it wont' interfer with the wellbutrin or ultracet which have the seritonin uptake stuff goin on? my mind is just not working to nite...the shots he gave me have really done me in this time...working all nite had not helped.

    Thanks for the reply

    hopin for more info too pleaes
  4. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    i take tramadol at 100 mg 3 times a day which i think is ultracet????????
    ive had no problems at all with taking them together i also take tizanidine which stops the spasms and cramping in my muscles which again helps to eliminate some of the pain.

    all the best to you,smiffy
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