I'm sorry there is so many people like me, but glad I'm not alone

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    To all of you who have replied thank you,
    I am 49 be 50 Thanksgiving day. I thought maybe early alzheimers because of my inability to concentrate and focus on what I want to say or write. I have been in a downward spiral in the last 6 years. I have been ashamed of myself for saying my sentences in the wrong order, or writing it down. I've stopped writing local articles because of the tedium of correcting my mistakes, even writing this reply, for someone who is usually bidextrous and adept with their hands and thoughts, I feel like a bumbling fool.
    So thank you all
    I hope when I see the doctor, does this sound terrible? yes mam you are really ill, and not morbidly lazy.
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    I have been in a downward spiral all my life (58)and never met anyone else with FM (or my symptoms before I was diagnosed). Except, that is, my mother, daughter and cousin. Lately, I've met some people who said a friend or relative had it, but not many. Not until I found this message board (quite by accident) did I realize how many of us there are and that so many shared my wierd symptoms. It was a great relief.

    I've been called lazy all my life, so that really gets my hackles up. I didn't even read your "morbidly lazy" post because I was afraid it would result in a sizeable explosion!

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    No, it doesn't sound terrible. It's really hard to feel the way we do and not have a dianosis! I've had FM all my life, but wasn't dx'd until 1998. So for all those years, I thought I was crazy and my drs. thought I was making things up, that no one could hurt like I said I did. BUT I DID! It was a relief to find out I had fibro. I wish I didn't have it, but I do and knowing that there's a name for it and so many other people with it was comforting.

    My fibrofog (took 3 times to type that word) has been really bad lately. Luckily, my husband usually knows what I'm trying to say and fills in the words for me when I go absolutely blank, which happens about 100 times a day! Some times it's just worse than others and right now it's worse.

    Hang in there and know that there will also be times when the fog has lifted and you'll be your old self in that respect.

    Gentle bouncy hugs,
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    I just finished reading all three of your posts, and believe me, as the others have already stated; 'You are not alone' with these feelings! We have all been there at one time or the other with these two illnesses.

    I can judge from all what you are dealing with, that you and the doctors are not strangers!

    But you do need the right one to diagnose FM/CFS, some simply do not believe that it exists, they are not bad doctors, just ignorant in my way of thinking.

    I also though I was 'loosing it', with the words, spelling, forgetting things, so on and so forth.
    But after reading a few good books on FM/CFS, I realized I was not loosing my mind nor was I at the beginning of Alzheimers either.

    Yes, I also thought I suddenly went from a super type A person to a 'lazy' human too. I got so bad that I did not want to hear the phone ring, it took too much of my energy to talk for an hour with people, when I could be 'resting' instead!

    I was diagnosed about 20 years ago, but little was known about this illness (I have FM) then. Then I read Devin Starlanyl,MD's book; '
    The Fibromyalgia Advocate', wow, it all start falling in place. All my symptoms were REAL, the pain, the sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, so on and so forth.

    Then my husband insisted on buying me a computer, I found this board, thats over two years ago.

    I have a whole different outlook on my illness now. I am not lazy, crazy, are anything thing else, I simply have an illness!
    Not one that is going to kill me either, but one that calls for a different lifestyle, loads of changes in my way of thinking, and many tips on how to make life more bearable with less stress in it.

    The people on this board are awesome, they are so understanding, compassionate, and so supportive too.

    I have been a good 80% better for the last few years since coming here, and I credit it all to these wonderful members, those who are still here and those who are now gone. They all added to my coming out from 'under my rock'!

    You are going to be alright, just hang in there, read, research as much as you can, and feel free to vent how you feel here, we have all been there at one time, thinking the worst of ourselves, or that we were just a 'nut'!

    Glad you have found us, and hope you stay with us, as you will find a better quality of life around here.........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    thank you, it's late and I am down to looking at the keyboard to make sure I hit the right letters. bad huh,