i'm sorta new - question re: thyroid testing

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    whenever i have a relapse, i gain weight real fast, about 20-25 in one month, then when i feel better, i lose it real easy with no change in diet or exercise. I'm always on the thin side, but not too thin, unless I'm in relapse mode.

    My doctors have said my thyroid tests are normal, but I did not have a CFS/FM speacialist, just a Family practitioner.

    isn't there a special thyroid test for CFS/FM patients, a newer one.

    What's it called?

    Hopefully I'm going to find a CFS/FM specialist soon that I can get to.

    Also, can a person have "mild" Addison's disease and NOT have that suntanned skin look, because I have almost all symptoms of Addision's except I'm not losing weight, I've gained.

    I think I read a person can have mild Addison's along with hypothyroid? I'm so confused and I read things on the internet about medical stuff and can't really make sense of it all.

    Can someone direct me to a web page on this website or another one that lists all the tests that should be done for CFS/FM, all the blood, urine, and x-rays I should get??
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    We can't give URL's here but these sites I will hint at should help answer all your questions:
    1)Dr. Gerald Poesnecker's chronicfatigue site.
    2) Dr. Bruce Rind's low metabolic energy site.
    3) Dr. Russell Roby's hormone allergy site.

    You need a free T3 thyroid test, and you need a doc who is familiar with the revised guidelines for TSH. Up until recently, a thyroid TSH of 5.5 or less was considered "normal". Now they know that anything under 3.0 should be treated, and under 2.0 if you have hypothyroid or depression in your family. Most docs have not caught up to this research yet, and neither have most labs.

    It is called adrenal fatigue, and it's a big part of our problem. Conventional medicine used to believe in it, but no longer does,even though it is a very real problem. You may need to find a holistic doc to treat it, but check out Dr. Poesneceker's site...he will treat you by e-mail if necessary.

    Other than a complete thyroid panel, you need just the basic complete blood count, urinalysis, and you should also have an RA titer to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis, an ANA to rule out Lupus, and if you are over 50 you should have an ESR to rule out Polymyalgia. X-rays are not needed to diagnose FM, but you do need a doctor to do a tender-point exam and take a medical history and do the tests I listed above.

    Hope this clears up some of your confusion....take a deep breath and :)


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    Thanks so much for your info. I'll check out what you've indicated.
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    Thank you for writing about the new TSH levels.
    Mine was 2.49 and indicated as In Range.

    Now that I know <3.0 needs attention, I will speak to my doctor about that.
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    The new TSH range is that any number higher than 3.0 is suspect.
    A TSH of less than 3.0 only requires attention if hypothyroidism or depression runs in your family OR you are having hypothyroid symptoms, in which case you should have a free T3 test done to see if you are able to convert T4 to T3. Since virtually all Fibro patients are having hypothyroid symptoms, that means us.
    Many of us have normal TSH and normal T4, but do not convert it into T3 very well. If that is the case, you will need natural Armour Thyroid, which contains T1, T2, T3 and T4, not the Synthroid prescribed by most regular doctors which only has T4 in it.
    I just replied to your other post about antibodies, though I couldn't offer much help. I think if Madwolf were here , he would tell you that the patient's symptoms should be treated, not the lab test.
    You might want to look at the websites of Dr. Lowe and Dr. Bruce Rind and Dr. Richard Shames to see more about this way of looking at thyroid and it's relation to Fibro. Just put their names and thyroid in a search engine and you should find them with no trouble. Dr. Lowe is especially adamant that all Fibro patients have thyroid problems.
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    Klutzo.....for your insight.

    I think I'll be going to a CFS specialist here in Los Angeles within the next two weeks, and I'll be sure to talk about my Thyroid results. I have had depression myself and I believe it does run in my family...though the others haven't treated it. (On my dad's side.)I no longer need medication for depression. Yipeeee!!! :) *mona
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    It is great that you have such insight into what goes on in your family. That will help you get correctly treated, and you may end up helping them also.
    I never thought about it until I started reading about this stuff, but my mom's whole side of the family was obese and depressed, and I never saw one of them overeat. I'll bet they were all undiagnosed hypothyroid. One book I just finished says that about 50% of those who are depressed are really hypothyroid. It's too late for me to tell any of them to get checked, as they are all dead and I am the only surviving member of that side of my family. Now I am wondering if this was one reason why they all died so young, and hoping I am not too late to save myself.
    I am glad you are able to see a specialist in this illness. Please let us know if he/she says anything new or interesting!