I'm such an idiot sometimes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Let me start out by saying... I woke up at 5:30 this morning sitting right here at the computer (it's wireless and I have it on the arm of the couch). I had let Jake out earlier, and I don't even know what time that was. I heard barking and I kept telling him to be quiet... I thought he was in the house... I felt awful when I jumped off the couch to run to the door and bring him in. My poor neighbors. It's a good thing they know I'm not well. I then went back to bed and slept until 11am. I fed the dogs and remembered that I fed them at 5:30 too.

    Then I decided I needed to buckle down and get ready for my phone call with SSDI. I read the paper over again, and suddenly saw something that I had missed before... I should have had all the paperwork done and sent to them before this phone call because it would be easier and shorter. I can't believe how I missed that. I feel so stupid and like an idiot. I could have started this whole damn thing earlier. Arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! All I can think of is that is must be the "brain fog".... or I'm just an idiot.

    Then I reached over the end table to get my meds for the day and knocked over my cup of coffee. Yeah, I sat and cried at that point. I moved the couch and the table and started cleaning up the mess. I also went searching for my Raid Room Flea and Tick spray. I do it all the time in the warmer months, even though the animals are treated, I don't want to take any chances. Did I have any? Nope. I got the mess cleaned up, put the clean cover on the couch and I keep towels on the seats so I put them there too. I actually started keeping a towel on my side because I've had a few sneak "accidents". I put one of the other side so it looked better, but the dogs get up there too. I was so hot and soaked when I was done.

    Can we say, "Not such a great day?"

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    Tigger57, I just wanted you to know that someone worries about you and cares when we don't hear from you. I don't post here often, but I read alot. I have FM too, but I am blessed with a loving husband and siblings that care. Your posts have always pulled at my heart strings. Tonight I just felt compelled to urge you not to give up, that you are loved and cared for. I pray for you every day. I know in my heart that things will work out for you, because I Believe. You probably won't even see this reply, but I had to post tonight. I usually never do, but something told me to tonight. I send "Angel Wings to Surround You and Angel Blessings ~ "
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    What a awful day. I am so sorry to see that you are having such a bad time....but I think things are heading in right direction.

    You will get this SSDI behind you and maybe things will settle down a bit. You will have financial help then... and some of the stress will be gone. You will feel alot better when some of the stress from that is lifted.

    I am praying for you Tig! Rememeber that... okay?

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    sorry about yur stressful day..yes it may not be hectic but it doesnt take us much to get flustered...

    fill ou tthose papers and send them anyways...and tell the person on the other end how you can't think most of the time clearly....and you didn't realize you needed to fill them out until you read them again today......