I'm sure you're pretty as a sunset. :)

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    Your car sounds like what we used to call a Beater. My first car after Nam was a Beater. But, it was good enough. :)

    Jenny's calling everyone in for supper. Earlier than I'm used to eating, but crying makes me hungry.

    You have a good evening, dear friend. I'm going to go eat, and spend some time beating my oldest son at something called Battlefield Vietnam. :)
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    And Im sure i speak for everyone who has the pleasure of peeking in,

    Green Onions and Confused,

    God Bless You both and yours
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    I'm doing alright. I suppose I should be embarassed. The boy pretty much wiped me out on that game last night. I may have to get it for my computer, and practice.

    How did you sleep? I did a fair amount of tossing and turning.

    I almost started crying again this morning, when I was looking at Casey's picture. She was so pretty.

    And shame on you, I'm sure you don't need any makeup.


    PS: I'm sorry. I had a question up above that was out of line. I'm very sorry.
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    I'm happy we can usually brighten folk's day. And I appreciate the well wishes.

  5. GreenOnions

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    Thank you very much. She was such a beautiful kitty.

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    And the message went and posted.

    I had the same trouble sleeping last night.

    I don't play a whole lot of games. Mostly card games like canasta, or solitaire, or sometimes board games like Monopoly. I can't let the boy beat me that bad at something set in Vietnam. I spent a lot of time there, and the boy's never even been out of the country. I can't let my unit down. :)

    I reckon you make Kevin spit a lot, then. :) You really are the Guilty Girl, aren't you? :)

    Yes, it's 2009. :) I'm still writing 2008 on my checks. :)

    If Kevin takes a copy of your marriage license to the AAA, could he take care of transferring the title, as your spouse?

    I'd best get a bite of lunch, I suppose. Don't have much appetite today, for some reason.

    Everyone says "Hi" back, my friend. And I forgot to mention, Mary, Ted, Walter, and the rest of their younguns, and Ben, Lizzie, and their younguns, all wanted me to tell you how sorry they were about Casey.

    Jerry, who should probably eat.
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    You're a really nice person, and it's an honor to know you.
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    But the truth is, Brenda and I had the same kind of thing come up, a good 15 years after we got married. :)

    When we got married, she changed her name, and we made sure her name was changed on everything. Except a car her parents got her when she turned 16. We both forgot about it, until her pa asked her when we were going to get it out of his garage. We didn't need or want another car sitting around, so we sold it. The people at AAA were the ones suggested we go get our marriage license, to prove she really was her. :)

    I just took a short walk, and I have to admit that I was laughing a bit. At just about every house on the street, you can hear the Hampster Dance. I reckon all those parents would probably like to talk to the person responsible for exposing Bethany to the Hampster Dance. :)

    But don't worry, Guilty Girl. I won't tell them.


    Jerry, chuckling just a bit.
  9. GreenOnions

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    It did make me chuckle. Walking down the street here, you can tell the houses with small children present. :) They're the houses rocking to Hampton. :)

    You're the one who didn't warn me not to let Bethany hear that song, Guilty Girl. :)

    I don't expect Kevin would let Dave drive it, if he didn't consider Dave a safe driver.

    Brenda used to get into a tizzy whenever we had to let someone else drive one of our cars.

    Jerry, trying to decide when to let the neighbors know who the Guilty Girl is. :)
  10. GreenOnions

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    I played the Hampster Dance for Bethany because YOU didn't warn me not to let her hear it. :) So, you're the Guilty Girl. :)

    I'm not really surprised. :) You put me in mind of Brenda, sometimes. Which isn't a bad thing. :)

    You have a great evening, my friend. And good luck on the sale.

    Yes, the boy and I are going to have another go at the game. Walter called, and told me he was giving me his old copy of the game, up home. He's already installed it on my computer. :) So, even if the boy beats me every night this week, when I get home this weekend, I'll be able to keep playing against him. :) Plus, Rachel says Walter is pretty good at the game, and he's willing to give me some pointers. :) So, the boy will get his comeuppance, sooner or later. :)

    You have a good evening, Guilty Girl. :) I'll talk to you tomorrow.

    Jerry, who's REALLY the innocent one here. :)
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    We're all doing good. It's sunny, and it's gonna be 76 today. :)

    I'm right glad you got enough sleep last night, my friend. :) And see, you survived the test drive. :) I knew ya could do it. :)

    I got my hind end kicked by the boy again, last night. I'm gonna keep at it till I teach the youngun a lesson about messin with a vet. :)

    I'm takin Bethany n some a her friends fer pizza later. :) Bethany's all excited, runnin around the house, doin the Hampster Dance, n singin "Granpa's takin me fer pizza" over n over again. :)

    How're Kevin, Heather, n Sally a doin?

    Jerry, wonderin iff I bit off more n I can chew, with six four year old girls wantin pizza. :)
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    To tell Diane that the Montana Lady Griz Basketball team are going to play the Pittsburgh Panthers this Saturday in Seattle WA.,,,,,They were matched up after they won the National's ,,,,,,Isn't that Great!,,,2 great teams! 2 great states!,,,,,,,just thought i'd let you know:),,,,,sis
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    It's drivin Jenny to distraction. :)

    How long do ya think it's a gonna take fer Heather to git to 20 pounds? :) Sounds like she's eatin good. :)

    The game is a mite overwhelmin, which is why the boy keeps on a cleanin my clock. But Rachel was a tellin me that Walter says it won't take too long fer me to figger out what I need to pay attention to, n start kickin the boy's tail up betwixt his ears fer im. :)

    We're a headin out now fer pizza. :) I reckon as Jenny is a gonna breathe a sigh a relief. :)

    I reckon as I'll be back around 3:00, my friend. :)
    Jerry, wonderin how much pizza six little girls can eat? :)

  14. GreenOnions

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    And you were right, all six a them was eatin pizza n doin the Hampster Dance. :)

    Bethany is the rooster a the walk, right now. :) Her grandpa bought everybody pizza. :)

    What all did you have for lunch, Diane? :)

    Jerry, whose ears are still hearing six little girls singing the Hampster Dance, with pizza in their mouths. :)
  15. Granniluvsu

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    Jerry, So glad that Jerry Jr. is doing well and that you have been having fun losing to that Battlefield. Don't feel bad as I know I would be losing too !! DH would probably enjoy it even though he is not much into video games since we do not have any around here. He loves war games and history especially concerning WWII.

    That party you had with those 4 year olds sounds typical and alot of fun Nothing like all of them singing (Hamster Dance no less) with pizza in their mouths. I scanned all the posts real quick so I could hop on to check on you two to see what all has been happening. Glad that you have been having some fun now too.

    BTW, thanks alot also forr starting up a new thread. It took forever for me to get to te end of the other.

    Glad to see that Springwater and Sisland have popped in to to check in on all the action. Your posts are to fo funny to read (most of the times).

    Diane - I see that your newest bio post is another cutie. I love those kitties just checkin out those walls.

    BTW, what is Kevin's UN? I have forgotten so I can check on that picture of Casey. Sorry, but I have forgotten it. I keep trying to remember.

    Glad things have settled down some for you both even though I know you are thinking about Casey alot. Ya gotta keep goin as they say even though it hurts.

    Right now I am thinking about my friend Joan who is dying of terminal uterine cancer ( in the tissues and muscles around the uterus, so a hysterectory would not help.. She is the same age as I and we were in the same Nursing class YEARS ago. She is divorced and so her x is no help. Her daughter is on her way there and some other nursing classmates are with her, I think. All we can do is pray and I hope all goes fast for her. Her dum supposed doctor said she didn't need chemo after her first surgery. What jerk !! They could probably sue him for negligence but that would not help any except possibly keep him from doing the same with another patient.

    Sorry for the sad new from here after you have had your own problems !!

    Tried to make a dr appt after we got back with our pcp for DH who has pain and weakness in the area of one of his knees (leg area). I am guessing it is a nerve thing, we will see cause he has this after he has been sitting awhile. After walking a bit it feels OK. WEIRD !! Of course the doc and starff are gone this week due to Spring Break.

    Well, glad to hear ou guys are all laughing and having some fun after your tragedies (even though I now you all have your moments, which is very normal.

    Bye for now both of you. Jerry - I know you are doing better cause you are calling Diane -GG(Guilty Girl) again.

    Also, Diane is doing a little better cause she is still claiming that "I IS Innocint ".

    Hugs to you both,


  16. GreenOnions

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    They put away one and a half large pizzas. :) I mighta ate the other half a large pizza. :)

    Bethany's done wore herself out. :) She's taking a nap right now. She was all charged up when we got back, but it didn't take no time at all till she was a sleepin on the floor. Jenny took her in n put her on her bed. :)

    Mind if I ask what kinda cheese?

    Ya know, it's funny, but I think we mighta infected some new younguns with the Hampster Dance bug. :)
    Jerry, with a belly full a pizza. :)
  17. GreenOnions

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. She'll be in my prayers.

    Welcome back,
  18. GreenOnions

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    Flopsy-mopsy, huh? She was a cutey. And I am NOT going to start tearing up.

    Feta? Wonder if they use goat or cow? Cajun sounds right good. So does sun dried tomato. :) And kielbasa's gotta taste real good. :)

    How was yer tea? Or did ya ferget? :)

    Jerry, wonderin when supper is. :)
  19. GreenOnions

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    Belly Lugosi did kinda sorta the same thing. He'd be walkin across the room, n just suddenly flop down like a rag doll. He just started doin it one day, when he was a mite bit over a year old. Brenda thought he had a siezure or somethin. She called Doc, n he come a runnin. He musta been to our place five or six times in three days. Finally, Brenda just accepted that floppin was just his way a savin time when he wanted to lie down. :)

    Who won the game a "tickle belly," you or Heather? :)

    That's a shame about the chicken kielbasa. The first couple a times he tried his hand at it, Ben put in too much dill. N you just watch, I'm a gonna catch a lotta flak fer sayin that, when I git home Sunday. :)

    I reckon ya done unleashed a plague a Hampster Dancin on the whole state a Louisiana, Diane. :) That's acause yer the Guilty Girl. :)

    Jenny's a callin. I reckon it's time fer supper. Wonder if we're havin pizza? :) Y'all have a good evenin, my friend. I gotta go eat, then see how bad the boy beats me up. :)
    Jerry, who's belly is a rumblin. :)
  20. GreenOnions

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    How are you, Heather, Sally, n Simply Silly doin today?

    Naw, Belly didn't flopsy the same way Casey did, from the looks a how she's a layin in the picture. Belly would flop down on his Belly, with his legs out to the front n the back. :)

    Y'all gonna try another game with Heather? If so, I hope ya have better luck than I did last night. :)

    Jerry, wonderin how many parents are tearin their hair out over the Hampster Dance today. :)