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  1. street129

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    after i started taken the antibiotics 2 days ago, twice a night, tonight for the first time with my tongue being white, there is a spot that is very very very white, i want to stop taking the prescribtion that the dr prescrib, after my biopsy, of the removal of a polyp, and no sign of an ulcer any longer, i want some advise about the antibiotics, would you stop if you saw more white on your tongue. i'll call my dr, tomorrow and tell him about my tongue., i should have mention it at the drs. office, should i go to the emergency, i feel so ill, this candida is killing me.
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  2. gapsych

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    Do you have a 24 hour on call nurse at your hospital? They can be very helpful.

    My hospital/clinic also have several walk in clinics.

    You need a medical professional to figure out if you need to stay on the antibiotic or whether you are having a side effect and is it the candida that is making you feel so badly?

    I'm a bit unclear why you are taking the antibiotic. A polyp removed but was it on your tongue or somewhere else?

    Take care.

  3. TigerLilea

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    I would consider going in and getting your doctor to check out your mouth just in case you do have thrush. As this is about the fifth thread you have started on this subject, I'm guessing that you are quite concerned about it.

    Is your mouth sore at all when you eat? I know a few people who have had oral thrush and they found it hard to eat while they had this.
  4. street129

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    i will see dr. friday, but a little help on here is comfort
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    its a sign of thrush/yeast infectiion. Nystatin and diflucan are drugs used to treat it. Like others have mentioned, get on a good probiotic for your gut.
  6. street129

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    i saw doctor today, i have to go get my lab work done first thing tomorrow. she did put me on a prescribtion for the yeast, when i go back to her in 2 weeks, we will see if that is what it is