I'm taking too many medications

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    I'm taking too many meds, and two of my docs have suggested that it was hard to tell which symptoms were caused by my disease and which were caused by the meds. My rheumy has suggested I start going down and off some of my meds. The problem is, every time I stop a med, the symptoms it was supposed to relieve come back (well, almost every time). I did go down from two hydroxizines to one, with no problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go off meds, or which meds might be less significant? Or maybe do you have suggestions of supplements I might take instead of a specific med.? A few of the meds are nonnegotiable, because I can get very sick without them, so I'll tell you which ones those are.
    Here's the list. Sorry to do this to you guys, but i hope you can help.

    clonazepam (about 2 a day) helps RLS, sleep, and myoclonic jerks

    Rozerem (2) for sleep

    Armour Thyroid for hypothyroid, nonnegotiable

    Trimipramine (kind of like Elavil) 2 a night, for sleep, depression, and pain

    Singulair, once a day, for severe allergies

    1/2 Ambien, for sleep (5 mg.)

    Lyrica 100 mg. 3 times a day for Fibro.

    Hydroxizine for bladder problems, 1 at bed

    Megestrol, 20 mg. 2 times a day for hot flashes and night sweats

    Elmiron, nonnegotiable, for Interstitial Cystitis (saves me from having to be catherized to have pain drugs injected into my bladder)

    Ultram, as needed for pain; also Tylenol and ALeve

    fludrocortisone, for orthostatic hypotension (feel faint when I stand up)

    Cymbalta, 60 mg. for depression and pain (works great as an antidepressant for me)

    Provigil, just started for narcolepsy (keep falling asleep all the time otherwise)

    B12 injections, for energy

    Sudafed PE, for allergies

    Nasacort and Astelin inhalers, for allergies.

    Zyprex (?) for allergies.

    Prilosec, for acid reflux disease (used to take Aciphex, which helped more), but Prilosec is OTC.

    I think that's it. Fifteen or twenty years ago, I never even took an aspirin. I only took vitamins. I used to be a vegetarian, and tried to go the natural route in most things. I still believe in this mode of thought. Also, my father was a prescription drug addict (although he would take a good deal more than was prescribed). I'm having major medication guilt. Can you guys help?
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    It seems like you are taking 3-4 medications for 1 problem. Is there any way you could go down to 1 good sleep med and 1 good med for allergies?

    I also take Clonazpam, 1 at night and then have another stronger one for my bad nights.

    I take Allegra for my allergies/sinus problems.

    I would hate to try and sort out all of my meds to see which one's to quit. It is hard sometimes to tell which one's are working the best!

    I just started trying some new supplements that I researched on here. I know nothing about them, but am learning.

    So far I have started taking the CO Q-10 & Vitamin C. Next week I am going to add Ginkgo Biloba & B-12. To tell you the truth, I can't remember what they are good for.

    I copied a list of about 6 supplements that many members said helped with pain, memory, etc. Maybe if you do a search you could find some to try.

    Good luck & hope everything goes well for you!
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    it does seem like you are!
    i think you need just one good pain med- and ultram sure didnt do it for me.
    i also take cymbalta and it didnt do a thing for pain. once your pain is in control
    then you wouldnt need all that sleeping stuff so much it would seem.
    mirapex helps me with the leg jerking...
    i sure hope you find someoneto help you.
    and yes your not even a medicine junkie.

    it seems like doctors just want to perscribe a pill to say they 'did something'.... for us.
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    I'm taking grapeseed extract, but I don't know how much to take. Right now I'm taking 200 mg. Should I take more?
  5. luvdogs

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    Cymbalta doesn't work for me for pain, but it's great for depression. I need a good antidepressant. Also, I tried all the drugs for RLS, and the only thing that worked was Klonopin. The question is, how much Klonopin should I take?
  6. luvdogs

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    Thank you everybody for your suggestions. So far, I've stopped one hydroxyzine, and all my nasal inhalers. I welcome any other suggestions.
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    I take several supplements, but I noticed a big difference in the amount of pain when I added Zyflamend (combination of several herbs, especially ginger and turmeric) last summer. Most of the time the combination of herbs, light stretching, and moist heat can keep pain manageable.
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    I agree with PVLady, I don't think anyone here should give advice on which meds you should eliminate. Maybe your doctor could go through the list with you and tell you which things might be overlapping.
    Don't have medication guilt! There's a reason why you were prescribed these in the first place.
    My Mom takes several meds - for different reasons (bp, diabetes etc.) She always says she wants to take less - I say, if there's something that is helping you - why would you want to stop it? For her - it's the Number - so if they put all of her meds in one pill, she'd be fine. So it's not really all of the medications when she really thought about it - could it be the same for you? Do you just feel like you're taking a ton?
    There might be some that you don't "need" all the time, but that's for your doctors and you to decide together. Did your rheumy suggest which ones to try to cut down on? I think if not, then you need someone to spend the time with you to do that.
    If you need all of your allergy meds, then you need them- or you can suffer with your allergies.
    Does taking any less sleep med mess with your sleep? With permission, maybe cut down on that? But if you don't sleep well - you know those consequences.

    I'd list out columns -
    meds taken for sleep:
    See which ones you can and cannot live without - or as you said are non-negotiable. Then take it to your doc.
    DO NOT feel guilty about your medication. You obviously have real reasons for taking them in the first place and that's not your fault.
    That's just my two cents... =)
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    Janalynn, that was an excellent suggestion about making the list; I'll certainly follow your advice. I also feel reassured by your other thoughts. Slowingdown, I will immediately look for Zyflamend on the internet. Jaminhealth, I'm going to up my dose of the GE extract. I think it's helping already. And everybody else, thanks so much for the advice and reassurance. This board means so much to me.
  10. Mikie

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    IMHO (I'm no medical professional) this seems to be very excessive. Did one doc prescribe all these or did different docs prescribe them? I agree that it would be helpful to list these Rx's according to what symptoms they address. Then, show the list to your doc and find out whether there is a better alternative. I agree that there is no shame in taking meds; I took opiods when I needed them and take Clonazepam now for sleep, all controlled substances.

    Good luck to you and, please, let us know what the doc has to say about your meds.

    Love, Mikie
  11. tig519

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    I would review the list of multiple meds for one condition with your doctor. Taking 4 drugs for sleep and then another drug to stop sleep seems counter intuitive
    Provigil, just started for narcolepsy (keep falling asleep all the time otherwise)

    My doctors know I won't take a new drug unless it's absolutely necessary.
    I take ambien- sleep (continue to try once a year to get off of this)
    Lyrica, Tramadol- FMS (this combo does allow me to have a full time job)
    Avapro- BP
    Aciphex- GERD
    aspirin- BP
    I also have bad allergies, since I was 3, but primarily in spring and early fall- that's the only time I will take daily meds. Inhaler when needed.

    It's not that I'm trying to be a martyr, it's that I believe that our bodies are wonderful machines, despite the fact I have FMS. They are good at compensating and fighting. I believe too much dependency- will create more dependency.

    I'll use antibiotics, as an example. When I was younger, every time I would get sick, I would get prescribed antibiotics. Those progressed as they were no longer effective. I decided at one point, I would not take them anymore, unless the symptoms were exceptional. Over time, I built back up my immunity. I travel a lot- planes are the worse place for the spread of infections (other than grammar schools)- If I catch something once a year, it's a lot. My partner, on the other hand, unfortunately, has not taken my approach, and I feel suffers from my exposure. She works from home, so I'm the person she is exposed to most. She gets probably 6-10 infections with symptoms per year and probably from me as a carrier.

    Good luck