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    I really am thanking God tonight and I want to encourage all of you when things get bad to know his love too.

    Today I had to take the funeral service of an elderly man (85 years old) who I had cared for right up to and including his time of death in the sheltered housing I have pastoral care for from my church. It turned out to be a big funeral and I was quite scared as it was a big responsibility on my shoulders alone.

    Yesterday I had awful IBS and brain fog - I couldn't imagine how I would cope and I hardly slept worrying about it. Here was this dear Christian man's family relying on me and I felt a wreck. I rang my prayer partner (who was coming to the funeral) and she prayed with and for me. I placed myself and my ability to take that service and string together coherent sentences into God's hands.

    Hey no surprises - what do you know? It went like a dream and I came home praising and glorifying our gracious, merciful and beautiful God.

    I have felt grim all evening because I've seriously overdone it but it was such an humbling privilege to take that man's funeral that it's worth it.

    God IS indeed good and can work miracles if we let him.

    Sleep well in his peace when your nightime comes.

    Love you all
    Music Teacher (UK)

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