I'm thinking of moving, where is the climate best for FM???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanna4550, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    I have lived in Oregon all of my life. It is perfect here in the summer, hardly ever gets over 85. But as I think of heading into the fall and winter seasons and the first part of spring with all of the gloomy cloud covered and rainy days I want badly to move to a place where it's warm and sunny all of the time. Is there such a place maybe that has summer weather for a longer duration than July-Sept.?

    I guess if any of you lived in such a place and you felt good all year, you wouldn't be visiting this site, huh?

    Let me know if you have moved to a place that is better than where you lived when you first got FM?

    Thank you so much for the help and advise.
    Love, Nanna

  2. blueyegirl57

    blueyegirl57 New Member

    Hi Nanna, I lived in upstate NY and when I moved to Florida the heat made me feel alot better. Warm weather all the time, going to the ocean,( gets rid of stress) To bad I am not there now, back in NY, but very happy. I think anyplace warm is good. Didn't like the hurricanes in Florida. Good luck and try to keep a positive attitude. Peace Be With You !!
  3. cshellz

    cshellz New Member

    I have lived in So Calif. all my life--I am lucky enough (?) to live about 2 miles from the coast as the birds fly in "THE O.C". It's CROWDED and sooooo expensive and with the heat from this last summer our electric bill for the a/c last month was almost $500.00! OMG!! And as for me--the heat makes me much worse!! We are looking to move to oregon when we can in the next couple of years! We had looked at North Bend/coos area--Bandon--or maybe Roseburg.
    This has been the worst summer that I can remember---in july we had some days 105-108! This is just an awful year.
    We were kinda looking forward to a bit of the 4 seasons--a change of year in oregon.
    So the weather there makes your symptoms worse?? Or is it just blah b/c of the rain? (I enjoy rain--)
    Anyway be careful of what you look for---it all has trade offs. There is a site (hope its ok to mention--it's just an informational site) called www.city-data.com that gives info on any city in any state and has forums for each state. The folks on city data that I "talked" with there have been nice sharing opinions about their areas. The main site gives all the climate, populous, services available (schools, libraries etc) and statistics. There is always www.weather.com to to check a city you might like--can see the weather currently or monthly or the yearly trends. Good luck and let me know what you find out ok?
  4. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    I have visited california and my favorite place is San Diego area, Coronodo Shores so that may be a choice. Canary Islands sound like a dream place.....hm.

    My son lives in Nashville, but hasn't lived there long, so don't know what it would be like there. Anyone from TN???

    Oregon is cold, cloudy & not very many sunny days after October and through Mid March. My body aches in the cold and it has started already and it's only 50 this morning.
    So if you are planning to move here it's not a snowy winter but there is constant cloud cover and rain through spring.

    I love the beaches here, but not in the winter. I have heard that the southern oregon beaches have more sun.

    Thanks for the replies, keep um comming OK
    Love, Nanna

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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    There is no climate which helps everyone. We've discussed this many times over the years and one person's paradise can be another person's hell. I really think the only way to know is to live somewhere. If a person is living in hell now, the best bet might be to select a different clime to try.

    I was miserable in Colorado's dry, thin, polluted air along the Rockies. I had asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. Every winter, when the pollution was at its worst, I would visit SW FL and noticed how much better I felt down here. The last visit was when it was much hotter and humid here and I still felt better. I moved and have felt much better than I did in CO.

    Problem is that we have had two years of a neurotoxin, Red Tide, on our beaches. It also causes respiratory problems. We've been hit by two hurricanes where I live. I still love it here but this shows that what was once paradise can change over time. It took me about a year to acclimate to the heat and humidity.

    Some people are miserable in heat and humidity and when they move to a drier clime, they feel better. We all react differently. A lot of people will tell you that where they live is best. It might be best for them but it might not be best for you. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. sweetpeafabrics

    sweetpeafabrics New Member

    I live in outback nsw Australia and we get up to 48o C which is well over 100F. I find I cannot survive without A/c. and dont venture out much at all in summer. I can get a lot more done in winter even though it effects me too but the summers seem to really drain me. Ours is a dry heat and am thankful for that as I have been to the coast in summer where the humidity really is a bummer.
    At least in winter you can get comfortable. Good luck
    love jennyx
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I live in Ky now, but I lived in Richmond VA for 17 years and loved it. The winters are not bad, not a lot of snow, sometimes more freezing rain.

    Summers aren't too bad either. You are 2 hours from VA beach and 1-2 hours from the mountains.

    Cost of living is about average to many larger cities but no where near CA-

    I watch shows about property flipping, there are several. Most done in CA. I am astounded by the prices of homes. How can the average person pay $250,000 for a small 2 bedroom or 1/2 million for a little bigger 3 bedoom?

    VA is beautiful, I have also been told AZ is a good place too. Good luck with what ever your desicion is-Carla
  8. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I live near Ventura ,just south of Santa Barbara.It's a small town atmosphere and right near the ocean,Yes,housing in Ca is expensive,but Ventura is in the 70's year round.We don't require as much gas or electricity. I only paid $100 in the middle of summer and that is because I live in Santa Paula,a little inland.That makes up for the expense of housing.It does rain in the winter but the humidity doesn't linger,I lived in Tennesse.We got snow (sometimes)in the winter or it rained,In the summer it was very hot and humid.I was very uncomfortable there and hurting most of the time.Linda
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  9. Abednego

    Abednego New Member

    Howdy--since it seems you don't like the gloomy damp weather, you may have some of the same responses as me. I don't like hot humid weather, unless I'm always near a cool place or air conditioner; tropical beaches are great, though my arthritis still acts up (not the fibro, though). But I find the dry heat of California and Nevada's deserts to be tremendously healing. I'm at my best between 80 and 95 degrees, and though this did not used to be true, I can work comfortably in the shade in even higher heat (as long as I wear a bathing suit). Please read my earlier posts about coastal fog. If this bothers you, be careful about California. The fog is most often quite cold here in Marin and rushes through at high speed to fill up the Central Valley; the constant oscillation of pressure hurts me like bloody f*&&^%$ hell. The fog in LA and SD is much warmer and not so hard--even Vancouver is better, for some reason! Hawaii likewise--the rain makes my feet hurt, but not much else.
    I am considering Costa Rica, Palm Springs, and Tuscon. What the heck?
  10. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Maybe you are on to something in sense. Maybe it is less of the dreary-ness of the rainy days and more of the rain, and colder air making you hurt more. I live in Chicago - which does all 4 seasons pretty extremly and I feel much better in the summer. I think the heat also loosens your muscles.

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