I'm tired of the 7 minute program

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Adl123, Oct 2, 2006.

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    Dear all,
    I've been seeing the same Dr. for 6 years , (although I'll admit that I constantly keep my eyes open for one that will address CFIDS/Fibro.).

    At first I was surprised that he double, and then, tripple, booked his patients. Then he went to 15 minute visits, and then to 7. It's hard to remember to say everything in 7 minutes, even if you write things down, like I do. As a result, I've lately had to phone the office or drop by again, to finish up what I didn't have a chance to do at the appointment. Like today, I went by with a list of prescriptions that needed filling.

    You might ask why I stay with this Dr. Well, he is the most open minded one I've found, he is nice and I think he is doing the best he can. I'm sure he would spend more time with his patients, if he didn't have to earn a lot of money to pay malpractice insurance. However, he lost several patients to pheumomia this spring. I wonder if some of that could have been avoided, if he could have spent more time with them?

    Has anyone else been subject to the 7 minute visit? How do you handle it? And, most importantly, is anything being done, generally, to either lower malpractice insurance, or simplify things,so that we can actually talk to our doctors occasionally?

    A couple of weeks ago he told me that I had a bladder infection and told me to flood my system with cranberry juice, as I can't take antibiotics. He totally forgot about my being a Diabetic!! Even the Light Cranberry juice has a lot of sugar, for me. (I haven't been able to find sugar free). It's a good thing I knew what to do, and took cranberry capsules!

    Thanks, for listening.I hope someone can give me some hope. :)

  2. spacee

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    It was different before he sold out and went with a clinic. They offered them several million so I don't blame him.

    Thankfully, I come up with my own idea of what I need and all I need is for him to write the CORRECT rx's. Not as easy as it sounds. He refuses to wear glasses and he needs them.

    Well, I have been with him since 1990 and he has been indispensible to the family so not changing.

    But I hear you!


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