im too young to be like this!!

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  1. Sarah_010

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    Hi, im Sarah.
    Ive been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. im turning 18 on the 8th, even though it feels like im turning 80 :(
    the doctor said its unusal for someone as young as me to have FM, but my dad has had it since before it had a name. so i geuss its not that unusual.

    Every day is a struggle, its just imposible to get up for school in the morning. im going to only one class for the whole day, thats about all i can handle. and i rue the days i have to walk home from school.
    of course with this thing i have its practicly impossible to have much of a social life. theres not realy much to do out here that doesnt include some sort of physical activity.
    on new years eve my friends dragged me out to a dance, i couldnt move for two days after... of course the lack of social contact leads to some Depression, wich doesnt help...

    When i was younger, i used to have spells where i felt terible for a few days then i was fine for another few days,
    then in fall of 2001, it started to get realy bad and it never went away, that was when i was diagnosed with FM and its just got worse since then, painkillers are the only way to help, but sometimes eventhough those dont work either.

    well thanks for listening to my complaining. :)

  2. poodlegirl

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    Even though I am older than you (30) I have been battling this thing for years and I myself ask this question even now, "why me?". You feel as though you have been robbed of your youth. Hang in there, you have found some great support here. I can tell you it won't be easy at times as you may have experienced already. You are actually one step ahead of some of us who have had to battle for years (and are still battling) to get it diagnosed. Me and many others have had to go undiagnosed and unrecognized at times begging for some family member or doctor to help. Try to explain to friends about this disease and maybe even handout xeroxed copies of facts of this disease at school ( I am assuming you are still in highschool). You never know there may be more of you going to your school than you know. Maybe you could start a little support group there and have your health class teachers do some studies with you all on this topic. I think reaching out to help others cope along with you may actually be healing for you too at least for the mind and soul. Good luck!
  3. amilyne

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    hi sarah im 22 and i know what you mean about not being able to do much with friends..this year on new years...ah ahh oh guess what i did?!?....i was in bed sleeping ive been in a fatigue flare ..i went to the doctor sure that it was something else(walking pneumonia,mono,anemia,my thyroid,anything but my cfs)...and all my test were just fine as usual..grrrr...i guess im still in some sort of denial that i have this sometimes..but i figured out that it was because i went to the mall with a friend last saturday for most of the day and then when i went to bed that night i literally slept until monday joke..and now im finally getting back to normal for me. my big problem is that i can never get pain killers..none of the docs i see are willing:(...i found out about the fm in may and im sure that i had cfs since high school too...well good luck and there are alot of nice people here.
  4. jolly

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    Don't apologize for complaining! We all complain! Bless your sweet little heart for going through this at such a young age. You will do fine. It won't last forever. Jo Ellen
  5. jpswife_4boys

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    Oh sweetheat I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this dd. My heart goes out to you. My oldest son will be 16 next week and I couldn't imagine someone so young having to deal with fm along with the every day things teens have to deal with. You will be in my prayers.
    Soft hugs,
  6. Mikie

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    It always saddens me when I see someone as young as you with this illness. It is getting more and more common and even young children are being diagnosed.

    We do have people here who have gotten better, so don't give up hope. Learn all you can about this illness. You have youth on your side and you also have treatment options. It is important to learn what those options are and work with your doc to find what will work for you. Good luck and bless you.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Sarah_010

    Sarah_010 New Member

    Thank you all so much, for your nice comments!!! its just so good to talk to someone who knows what i feel like
    ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!! *hugs*
  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Sarah, it is so said when I see one so young afflicted with one of these illnesses, but you know what? I truely think that there is a lot of hope for the young people. Research is on going everyday, and sooner or later they are going to find the reason for FM/CFS, and you all will surely benefit from it. I hope it is soon, very soon.

    We could all say; Why me?? we have young Mom's here, who are breaking their hearts because they cannot do all the things they so want to do with their children.

    Then we have professionals here who went to school for years to learn their trade, and have no choice but to give it up.

    Then there is the young marrieds who have young spouses who they can't do all those wonderful things that the young in love can't do either.

    There are those here who are alone, and have no one to care for them when things get bad. They are alone, with no help, no compassion from anyone. Those are the ones that tear my heart to pieces, I wish I could take eveyone in my home and give them the love and care they deserve.

    Of course you have people like myself who is now a grandmother and spent many years with this pain raising my children, and ignoring the pain and keep going. But I am fortunate than a lot of people, I do have a husband to care for my needs. If I did not have him, I would be without a home or income.

    No matter how you shake it, it has changed lives to the point that some of us don't know anymore where we belong!

    It not only affects you, but all those around you that love you and want to be helpful, but no one can take the pain away, not even the doctors.

    Just keep trying, keep the thought in mind that you are young and that there maybe a cure in sight, all of you young people will be first to have a cure!

    That is my everyday prayer, that the young will be first to get the help they need when it does come about, so that you won't have to suffer like a whole lot of us that have been battling this for decades, myself? 20 plus years of this pain and the other symptoms, and there are others who have this longer than I have, with other serious conditions to deal with daily too.

    Glad you found our board, and as you can see there is a whole lot of compassion here for you and everyone else.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  9. phenom

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    i've had this DD since childhood, though it was undiagnosed until last year. symptoms started getting unbearable when i was around 15. you are not alone. i have lost a lot of friends who can't understand why i can't go out with them etc. but found my true friends at the same time. i'm only 21 now, so not too much older than you. good luck with everything.

  10. jaster45

    jaster45 New Member

    I truly understand where you are coming from Sarah.My heart goes out to you.There is hope!!My health started failing at the age of 27,during the prime of my life in a career that was flurishing.In synopsis I lost a great deal of weight and became so weak with so many digestive problems I ended up bed ridden.I lost my career,girlfriend and became home bound living with parents.After much research in addition to going through all the conventional medical tests available,it came down to a severe systemic candida infection and CFS/FS.As a result great aches pains,tingling in arms,legs,feet and hands.Severe gas,liver inflammation,heart palpitations,muscle twitches,acid reflux,IBS,colitis and too many food allergies to name.I could barely eat.I was near death.After much study trial and error I want to express to you wellness can be attained.It took several years for me to recover,yet it is possible.I learned a great deal about nutrition,ph balances,colon health and herbs,vitamins and minerals.I tried many conventional meds,which did not work for me.They work for many,but I was not one of them.What got me well was essential fatty acids found in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil.Olive leaf extract which did wonders for my energy and pain,b-complex,Vit c selenium,zinc as well as soil based organisms which helped to change my ph balance and greatly improved my digestive symptoms and increased my immunse system big time.I find that low acid and more alkaline foods work best for me.Meats and dairy aggravate my condition big time.I can eat turkey,chicken and white fish.I eat many green veggies fruits and easily digestable grains.I had to cleanse my body from the inside and this took time because my diet before my illness was good not great.Now my energy is great,I can exercise and yes I can eat a little junk.I am a productive member of society with a great woman and career again.I went through a living nightmare as so many of you have.I hope you all perservere and keep fighting as there is hope if you just hang in there.

    Take care,

    Jaster 45
  11. justsearchn

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    Hi sara1
    I am new in this board and your message cought my attention. I also have two daughters , 16 & 17 respectively, my 16 y,o was dx with FM when she was 12 and my 17 y,o still undx but nevertheless hurts the same.
    I was dx with FMS and SLE 6 years ago and its hard to see my sweet daughters carring the same genes .