I'm totally unable to eat and nauseated. HELP!

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  1. virgomrs

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    Has anyone gradually lost their appetite and become totally
    unable to eat (anorexic) and severe nausea? I have had FM for many years and have been taking Duragesic patches, Topamax, Wellbutrin, Vioxx, and Ambien for sleep. My Doctor is going on the theory it is drug related so far, but
    running other tests to cover his bases. Stopped the Topamax
    as it can reduce appetite but just that hasn't cured me yet.
    I have NEVER had a problem eating. I was over 200 lbs. and have lost 40 since Sept. and 5 in the last 5 days. I also reduced the dosage of my patch since I am suspicious that the narcotic might be to blame. (Don't want to d/c the patch as it is so helpful for my pain.)
    Many thanks to everyone for your help, virgomrs.
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    I too lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, over 70lbs in about 5 months, then I didn't know that I had FMS/MPS, but I had all the Symptoms.
    For me I just lost interest in food, I found that most of what I ate caused me pain or made me Nasaued. ( my spelling is really bad today, sorry).
    I quit eating Fast food's, foods that contain MSG, and other presertivies. I know that helped with the weight loss, but I believe the Stress of losing my Business, my Friends and my Hubby, (just for awhile tho, he;s back now).
    caused a lot of the disinterest in food, I seemed to lose my Joy, (at least for a while, I've got it back, well most of it, now).

    I went into a tail spin, and I cried alot, I ate only TV dinner's cause you didn't need to think about what to cook.
    Greasy foods also make me sick, and I hate having to cook Steak for the Hubby, but he's been so good to me, that I just grin and bare it, lol.

    I went through so many test's, looking for the cause of the weight loss, nasty test's at that.
    I ended up getting some MJ, and got my appetatie back, to a certain degree, if I get Stressed, I don't eat.
    I gained some of the weight back, but I still have to watch it, I drop lb's to easily.

    I found some photo's lately of me at 190lbs, I keep that as a reminder that I have been on both side's of the fence, and I have great compassion for thoes who can't lose the weight. I have 3 Sister's and one brother that are over 200lb's and then my youngest bro is like me, skinny.
    They Hate us. I can't say that I blame them tho.
    I also came across some Photos of me when I wa young and weighed only 89lbs. If ya doubt me, I can have the hubby scan one, I look so thin and sickly then. I was in my early 20's at the time.

    Have you had GI test's to rule out other conditions, or any other test's? The Ambien makes me Hungry, and also when I take my high pain meds, like now, I get hungry also, just don't eat much tho. I take a Soma, a Vistril and a Vicodin, and boy do I want food, But I don't keep bad things in the House for me, lol, only things the Hubby likes, that I don't.

    I have IBS and GERD also, and I think they add to the problem for me.

    Hope you get some answer's, have you seen a Gastrologist? That's the Dr. who ruled out cancer and other Intestinal disease's. Dx with the IBS and GERD is bad enough.

    I don't wear tight clothes either, this can make me Nasueaed also, bending over can do it too.

    Hope you have a Painfree day,
  3. Jillian40

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    Hello Virgo Mrs -

    Jill Here. I think it is good to work with the doctor and rule out any gastro problems, but at the same time consider this. This is my story.

    I had nausea and disinterest in food for about 10 months, maybe more. I dropped weight, tho not as much as you mention. Perhaps about 8 lbs. (I usually maintain my wt and rarely lose or gain). I began by cutting out all processed foods, and tried (forced) myself to eat fresh veges, eggs, and other proteins. However, my problem also included choking several times a week, so it was frustrating and down right depressing. I didn't feel depressed in the beginning, but just out of continued frustration I began feeling depressed/discouraged. This is a huge issue and I truly emphathize with you. Hugs ....

    Well, the food changes didn't help. The nausea continued and also a reaction to oily foods. I had gall bladder type sx, tho my gall bladder showed normal on a scan. I cut out all cheese and fried foods too. So I then found a doctor, a D.O., who specializes in something called Visceral Manipulation, which is a board certification or specialty to stretch muscles and ease pain. What he did worked by the 4th session. It turns out my Myofascial Pain Syndrome had caused my diaphragm muscle to remain in spasm causing this low grade type nausea, doctors call it anorexia. I was actually spitting up food, cause it would become lodged in my throat and restrict my breathing. So my overuse of my diaphragm muscle to force food up also forced my diaphragm muscle into continued spasm. It turns out that two muscles in my neck, digrastic? and one other, stayed in spasm and contributed to the choking.

    Well, I can say that I was forever grateful to this doctor, and still go to him about once every 6-8 weeks for a "tune-up". Ie: right now, I am having coughing spasms, incl. asthma, and this is once again causing my diaphragm muscle and also my upper back to become tight once again. Thankfully, I haven't gone back into the nausea cycle, but I will benefit from a treatment (45 min session) with this D.O. as a preventative.

    I live in Phoenix, and the doctor's name is David Miller, D.O. He charges about $150 per session, and I pay 1/2 of this w/my insurance as he is "out of network". He allows me to run up a balance and pay $50 or so a month. If you are unable to find a doctor who does this type of treatment, then began searching for similar things, like a massage therapist who does myofascial release for example. If this turns out to be your problem too, the $50-$65 for a massage will be like pennies, when it begins to work. Have the person focus on your diaphragm and rib area as well as your upper neck, front and back.

    I hope this helps. Either way, please hang in there and know I am pulling for you!!!

    Write back if you have any questions. Also, perhaps try a search on the message board with the word, Myofascial Pain Syndrome or MPS.

    God Bless, ............... Jill
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  4. virgomrs

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    To kredca4 and Jillian40
    Thanks to you both for your responses.I am better now and still not sure what caused the problem. The nausea lasted 2 1/2 days and finally subsided. The inability to eat did not change until the Doc subscribed Megestrol suspension to stimulate appetite. Worked! We're hopeful the Topamax was the culprit and I don't have to D/C my Duragesic patch which I am very fond of. Everything else was negative.
    Thanks again, virgomrs.
  5. Jillian40

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    Virgo Mrs -

    I am soooooo glad to hear that your nausea has

    I just remembered one more comment my doctor had made
    regarding MY nausea. I'll tell you just in case your
    nausea returns and causes more mystery.

    He said that behind the intestines is a place where
    they anchor to the back wall of the body. It's called
    the "root of the messentery". He said that the main
    cause for my nausea was a contracture at the root of
    the messentery. What apparently happens is that the
    intestines are pulled tightly to this spot, like a
    spasm?, or something else. Until it is released, the
    stomach is pulled too and the nausea begins and
    continues and continues, until this is released.

    This was the "root" cause of my nausea, with the
    diaphragm muscle being a part of it, especially
    limiting me from breathing in full breaths. He had
    to push on it for quite a while, and it was very
    painful, bringing tears to my eyes. After two
    treatments of this, the nausea of 8 months went
    away. YEAH!!!

    Success stories are always good to share. Thanks
    for sharing your success story with me too!

    God Bless, ........... Jill
  6. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Vigomrs

    I recently had exactly this problem myself - I was close to 70 kilos until 2 weeks ago, now I'm 60 kilos. I just couldn't eat without feeling sick. I definitely don't want to lose any more weight.

    Have been aware that my stomach and right side of groin have been very compromised by taught knotty muscles full of trigger points. My bowel and stomach started to feel stagnant.

    Have been getting myofascial therapy and acupuncture for trigger points. I've had about 5 weekly treatments of both and each time I'd get relief but then the pattern would return, then last week the acupuncturist focussed on my stomach region, and it definitely lifted a layer of thightness that lasted. In the last few days I've spent a lot of time idly pushing my fingers into the hardened muscles in my groin and stomach and now miraculously I can eat again. There was obviously several layers of tightness that needed breaking down to release the organs. I think there's still more tightness that can go, but the whole area feels much softer and relaxed. Acupuncture in particular, I think, did this.I takes a little while to break through but I'm so grateful cos I was getting weaker and weaker.

    Hope this helps
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