im understanding whats going on with my health, at last

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  1. hi all,

    i just thought that id fill you in with what ive found out about fibromyalgia and M.E/CFS.

    ive been surfing the web as i continue to be troubled by the hairs standing up on my made aware of them every time i try to relax/chill out.

    if my mind is busy/ocupied,

    i dont notice these hairs moving,but then,because ive been active in order to not notice the hair movement,i crash with sudden onset chronic fatigue,that needs a sugar fix and rest.

    so you see its a catch 22 for me,yet again.

    dont rest else you feel the body hairs moving,and know no piece of mind.

    get busy,lose the sensation of body hair movement,but crash with fatigue.


    to say i am frustrated by this stupid illness,is a understatement. not for giving up yet.

    if i had a choice,

    i would keep my mind very ocupied all day long,in order to NOT be silent, and be able to feel every muscle spasm,hair movement,movement of the actual blood moving through my veins,(that feels like bugs crawling over my skin),its just always there if im alone,still,not ocuping my mind.

    well id gotten so frustrated with it all,and my science mind wants to know....what the heck is happening to me?.


    my internet search today, has learned me a lot about my own condition.

    i know i had the polio vaccine against my will,after having my last child in 1990,then things changed in me for the worst.

    i was also bitten by a insect in my garden,but i didnt see it, as it went all the way up my spine,biting as it went.but my doctor saw the skin bites that it left.

    i got a headache of a different kind,then was told id had a virus go up my spine and affect a part of my brain.

    things are now changed in the brain department,and im now a M.E/CFS sufferer,and have had fibromyalgia for many,many years.i lose count,and dont care to count them even.


    ive found the answer as to why im having brain malfuctions on certain days.

    ive found the answer as to why my brain makes me feel aware of simple body hair movements all the time.and the movement of blood through my veins.

    everything im going through to points to me having...


    i cant remember the name of the site,but i know i started by visiting amazon.for fibromyagia and M.E/CFS

    i wont write out what it all said as its way too long.

    but basically,im changed in my brain through catching a virus (dont know were it came from,or what it was),although i believe my doctors do,and they just wont tell me.

    im now multiple chemical sensitive,and it would seem,electrical sensitive.


    so it seems im just sensitive to everything on the face of gods earth,and i cant fix it,so will no longer be worrying about what im doing wrong.

    im doing nothing wrong,other than perhaps being born in modern times of having enviromental allergies such as petrol fumes,pestocides and mobile phone masts.

    i cant change the progression of man,and i wouldnt want to as i love science.

    its just that science doent love me.

    i cant leave the planet and sail through the stars as their flashes of light would most probably trigger off a migraine in me.

    electrical storms would put me in bed with a head trauma of a weird kind.a migraine of a different kind,as doctors put it to us.

    we are sensitive to everything on modern mans planet.

    maybe we should have been born in caveman times,but imagine how boring it would be.

    our mate would want us to keep giving him babies too, lol..oh crikey how worn out we would be chasing around after our brood of kids.

    have headaches because everytime our mate wants whoopie,he grabs our hair,drags us around the ground,and into the cave to ravage our body lol...

    no i couldnt allow that,so we,d probably argue,in caveman/woman language,and id get migraine from stress lol.

    so it seems all of todays modern electrical appliances,are bad for us who have a virus damaged brain.

    we are sensitive to all things electrical,petrol/deasal, and pestocide.

    anyway ill finish my post now,and im sorry to have gone on so.

    i feel defeated that i cant fix myself,but feel that i can now take things easy.

    and for the first time in my life, know that,i can just get on with living my chemically/electrically challenged life,as best i can.

    take care all,love fran
  2. hi all,

    i forgot to add...

    most definately rest between tasks,and just try to cope with the hair moving sensations,as best you can.its electrical related.

    do juicing daily,and eat raw ginger root.

    do stop eating bread,and drinking cows milk.

    i am drinking soya is good for putting hormones back into us older ladies.

    take vitamin B12, and folic acid,also eat meat,eggs,soy products,green vegetables,broccoli,brussel sprouts,asparagus,peas,chickpeas,brown rice.

    many of us could have celiac disease,which doctors refer to,(in our case, as irritable bowel syndrome),so we need to do the elimination diet.

    we need omega 3 fish oils.

    i suppose we could buy vitamin just so over whelmed with the buy this,that and the other.i get worn out with it all,and funds are low.

    we do need to make sure we dont get aneamic (spelling),thats why the greens are important to us.

    and the candida is a main culprit in our illness.

    when it overgrows,our immune system thinks its the enermy and attacks it,so we get worn out,fatigued,and run down in ourselves,leaving us open to infections.

    the candida needs to be brought under control,and so we have to aviod foods that our intestines are ellergic to.

    namely bread and milk.

    i think we have to go gluten free,so ive read on the net.

    take care all,love fran
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    Thanks for the post Fran,

    Certainly humans have caused so much damage to todays world but at least we know we can do things ourselves to not leave our own footprint behind.

    I make my own non-toxic household cleaning products which is realy simple, I re-use the plastic spray bottles each time too. It makes me feel better doing this - I know that I am not breathing in any toxic fumes or utting them into the environment and it works out cheaper and smells nicer too! You can look these up on the net if you don't already use them.

    I have even found there are many things for pest control such as peppermint oil on cotton wool to keep mice at bay. I recycle just about everyhting I can and don't use bleach.

    I think doing some of this has helped to control my migraines as I suffered very bad with chemical sensitivities.

    I also recently bought an air purifier using a photocatylast light which seems to be helping my sinuses.

    We have to get back to basics as our bodies just can't cope with the modern world. Raw organic food, no chemicals, less cellphones, microwaves computers - we should just think what we did before all this modern technology!

    I actually feel better knowing that I am doing my bit for the environment and it is only from being sick that I have realised how much damage humankind has done to our planet and wildlife.

    I think I feel worse form sitting at a computer but it's the only thing keeping me sane right now as I have to research - I also have a very scientific mind and like to know what's going on with me so I am grateful in a way for the net but then I guess I wouldn't have needed it if I wasn't sick in the first place!

    I believe that we can fix ourselves to an extent so don't give up, you have the right idea about everyhting - its just putting it into practice whiilst being so sick thats the hard part. If we can at least keep our homes where we spend most of our time non-toxic and pure air whilst eating natural pesticide free foods and things such as himalyan salt rather than toxic sodium chlorie then that is at least one bonus that may help.

    Thanks for posting
  4. hi all,

    i wont go into details on here, as im going to be having a divorce case going on.

    but id just like to tell you that i had to seek legal advice, as my husband has stopped paying any money to me for his, and my keep.

    he,s informed me that he,s divorcing me,and told my kids that its because i got so bloody big headed and decided to try and get control over my illness,thus getting myself out of the wheelchair,and into part time work,and in control of my own money.

    if he loved me,he,d be happy for me,but obviously he hates me for trying to get out of the wheelchair.

    anyway,i went to seek legal advice,and the lady who i saw also has M.E/CFS and fibromyalgia.

    she has been very good at helping me to understand my rights,and filled in any forms for me.

    ive also been advised to apply to divorce my husband myself, on mental cruelty thats what im going to do.

    he,s a verbally agressive man,very hard and uncaring,and he watches violence videos, that i find uncomfortable to be around,so ive known no peace for a very long time.

    anyway i asked this lady,,,what is fibromyalgia and M.E/CFS?

    she told me that her doctor has informed her of this information.

    fibromyalgia is a rheumatic muscle and tendon illness.we seem to have multiple chemical sensitivities too.

    M.E/CFS is caused by being malnurished,and we catch a virus,or have a reaction to a imunisation that we might have been given.

    then because we are having a weakened immune system during this malnurished stage,the bug/virus attacks our brain and we get ill.

    she said thats she,s been told its possible to get well if we dont get malnurished again.

    and thats why i have to divorce my husband.he spends our money on gambling.

    im so happy to hear that we could get well again.

    and i look forward to my new life after the divorce.

    although just now i feel stressed with the divorce issues.ill cope though.

    the kids know that its not their fault,and that we both love them.

    we are also not going to discuss the divorce in front of the kids,even though they are grown ups,as they seem upset and stressed just now.

    both the kids have said that they want to live with me,so i feel happy about day we will have a nice quiet homelife,for sure.

    but ill need your support my friends.for a bit anyway.

    im trying to remain calm,so that my blood pressure doesnt get high,and im using my mp3 player to relax me.

    i will survive this i know it.and ill be strong.

    im angry with my husband for making me malnurished over the years of our marrage.but life goes on for me.a new life.

    take care,love fran
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    I wish it was as simple as you've been told, but I'm afraid that it may not be. Many of us on this board eat very healthy, organic foods, low sugar etc. and although it does help somewhat I've not seen anyone be cured by this.

    I know when I first became ill was right after I'd had probably the healthiest period of my life -- diet, exercise, and all.

    I DO think that since I've been sick my body has not been able to properly digest and use the good food that I'm giving it, and this has lead to certain deficiencies that need to be addressed by vitamins and supplements. But in my opinion that is a RESULT of the FM, not a cause of it.

    That said, however -- it certainly can only help to get away from your current stresses, to eat in a healthy way and take care of yourself properly.

    Best wishes for huge improvements in your life,
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    You are certainly going through a lot right now.

    Good luck and make sure you are getting extra rest during this time of stress.

    My thoughts are with you.

  7. hi all,

    i just wanted to add that, i mentioned to the legal advice lady,that at the time i had that migraine of a different kind,and got very ill with the high fever,then the fatigue illness,that two things stick in my mind.

    id been forced to have another polio oral vaccine (1990),after having my last child.

    and id been bitten all the way up my spine,while in the garden by a insect,and did go to seek help for a reation to it,from my doctor.

    the advice lady made a note of the polio vaccine,but not the insect bite.

    i found that interesting.

    im always reminded of how that vaccine made me ill,and im angry that my doctor had forced me to have it.

    his words were..

    weve been told by the government, to administer this polio vaccine to all new mothers.

    if you dont take this vaccine i will be taking all of your family members off this surgeries panel.(not being your doctor anymore).

    so i had to swallow the vaccine.

    id already had the polio vaccine in the 1960,s when i started school.but this doctor still insisted i have this 1990 vaccine.

    did it upset my gut,then i got ill? who knows.

    thank goodness my current doctor isnt a bully.

    my current doctor is a woman,and has been brilliant to me these past few months.i am grateful.

    many thanks to all of you for replying to my post,and for your support.

    ill take your advice as regards trying to get extra rest while under this divorce stress,although just now my mind isnt letting me switch off,in order to get to sleep.

    i dont want medication if i can avoid it,but i will see my doctor and let her know whats happening.she,s very understanding as regards my fibromyalgia and work.

    take care all,love fran.


    if you dont hear from me for a while,it will be because my husband is turning off the dont get worrying.

    ill be back when i get money issues things sorted out.

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    Fran--You do have a lot of stress right now. It's sad to know that a marriage is ending but it seems to be a positive development for you. You certainly deserve to get well and you must do anything possible to achieve that. Hopefully your time off the board will be short. Do try to take special care of yourself during this hard time. I'll be thinking of you.


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    fran thanks for sharing from the heart, good luck with the divorce, sounds like you have ways to calm and nurture yourself.

    I am very curious about this polio vaccine in '90, what country are you in? that is very odd and disturbing, how soon after that did you notice symptoms? its possible the bug and the vaccine worked together making your more susceptible to things.
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    Yes, we are hyper-sensitive. It seems to be a central nervous system disorder so everything affects us as being over-reactive.