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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kevieb, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. kevieb

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    hi all, i am a stay-at-home mom with 8 kids at home. money is so tight most of the time. i know that i will eventually have to work once my kids are all in school---but i worry that i just won't be able to physically do it. i have about 5 years before the youngest is in school----i keep thinking that maybe i can somehow conquer this stupid fibro and feel well enough to work----or maybe i could find something to do from home. what do you all think----am i just in denial that something could get better?
  2. tamigail36

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    One thing I have noticed is that not one thing applies to all of us, so don't limit yourself. It's great that you have all that time to pursue all of the things that might work for you. I would love to have that time at home to try to "get weller" That is a very positive approach for you to take. A lot of us do work, but we have to let go of other things to be albe to do it. It will all be about your priorities. Don't borrow trouble right now, enjoy your kids!! (( HUGS))
  3. orachel

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    hanging in there like a champ! My 3 wonderful stepkids overwhelm me sometimes when I'm hurting, and we only get to see them every other weekend! You're doing great!

    I dont think you should give up on the idea of being able to get your symptoms under control enough to work...that just depends on how well treatments are working for you, and if you're on the right treatments. I will tell you that I strongly believe that if you're not physically able to work, period, then you should have the ability to obtain SSDisability benefits. I just got sick recently, and I'm doing everything humanly possible (and a lot of stuff that REALLY hurts!) to try to get myself to the point where I can go back to work. But I do have to face the possibility based purely on the severity of my symptoms and the fact that (so far) my treatment isn;t making much difference yet. But its still really early for me, and many of these things take time.

    But FYI, determination of whether you can qualify (possibly) for social security disability benefits are a doctor must state that you are unable to work any job for at least a year. This doesn't mean you have to be out of work a year to file, but doc has to say that you won't be able to work for the next year at least...

    Good luck, and never stop thinking you could get better!!
  4. Bambi

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    job for most people, but eight?! I certainly feel for your worry. You have to be very brave to have made it this far if you have severe pain like so many of us do. I hope you DO have a treatment method that is helping you.

    Only YOU can know if you can make it out in the work world. Another advantage to getting SSD is that if you want it, you can get training for jobs..and might even find training in something you "can" do from home. I hear alot about home typing for doctors (medical transcribing) but don't see many opportunities in the local papers. We do know of a friend's wife who does it though and
    is doing quite well financially from
    it. Maybe that or some other training
    would work for you.

    I wish you the best no matter what you decide! My daughter is very severe with her FM and is trying to hold onto her job for a few more years in order to get her pension. It is becoming more and more difficult for her though, so none of us is sure
    she will be able to do it. Since it will probably mean the difference between keeping her "dream home" or not, we are all hoping the best for her.

    I do know that the working is making
    it a lot harder on her pain and body
    in general. I just wish she could apply for SSD and get it fast. The problem is it can take up to four years now to get accepted and most of
    us would go down the tubes by then.

    Maybe talking over your choices with your doctor or a counselor at at a job recruitment place would help. They have free testing at most junior
    colleges to find out what you are most suited for job wise. Worth a try. Good luck! Bambi
  5. Lurlasgirl

    Lurlasgirl New Member

    My first thought is - if you can keep up with 8 kids, you can certainly hold down a full time out of the house job!

    Like Stormyskye said - start with your diet ... After having jumped through a lot of hoops over they years with FM, I finally REALLY started improving after I started eating better. Don't get me wrong - I think that at the time I was taking many of the medications I took, it was necessary to get my body to a place thatI COULD concentrate on my diet and activity... but getting good food into your body seems to be the key to many of us feeling so much better.

    I am SO much better now than I was even five years ago.

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