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    Please tell me more about your experience with Meniere's. I started having "dizzy" spells about two years ago. (Actually, I now know that my bad spells are called vertigo). It has steadily increased to the point that I am DIZZY sometimes for days/weeks/months on end and I have episodes of vertigo anywhere from once to as much as ten or more times a day!!!

    My ENT ran the pressure tests, etc. the other day and gave me a definite diagnosis. I have hearing loss, fullness in the ears, vertigo, and constant ringing in the ears 24/7 for years now.

    He put me on Dyazide once a day. My normal blood pressure is 90/60, so he told me to watch the BP carefully and that I may have to go to every other day with the Dyazide or even may not be able to take it and may have to just stick to a low sodium diet. (Bad news is that because of my mitral valve prolapse, I'm supposed to be on a HIGH sodium diet to keep my blood volume high -- which I haven't been doing -- but worried about the MVP on the diuretic).

    Have you been able to get significant relief from the meds? Are you able to work? I can't drive...can't hardly even walk sometimes...wondering what the future holds for me.

    Any info you can give me is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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    Hi TerryS, I have had Meniere's now since 2004 I go to a website http;/ and they are so helpful. I hope this helps there are many there that have the same problems as you. Best of luck and hang in there...I know it is ruff but you are not alone.

  3. TerryS

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    Lillyrose: Can you tell me about your personal experience??? Do you have it under control now???

    I want my life back!!! I'm being held hostage in my own home because of this dizziness!!!

  4. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Terry, I was diagnosed in 2004 by an ENT. It started with what I thought was an ear and sinus infection and was being treated for it and was given antibotics but it didn't get better...then the ringing started in my ears and the pressure and the off balance feeling...then I went back to my doctor and she sent me to an ENT which said I did not have an ear infection and ordered all the test and when the results came back, with the hearing loss and fullness and ringing he diagnosed me with Meniere's.
    I had not had any vertigo at that point and he thought that strange but, I was gald that I hadn't experienced it...two days later I had the worse vertigo and I panicked...I was put on steroids and I went nuts on them so, had to go off of them but my hearing did come back and the fullness was gone and the ringing and the vertigo...I was on top of the world and felt that the doctor had made a mistake and I didn't have Menieres but, I was the one wrong...June 0f 2007 after having no symptoms I woke with fullness and ringing and it didn't go away so, I went back to the doctor and he did a hearing test and EEG and said it was the Meniere's then the vertigo started and the fullness, off balance feeling and the 24/7 ringing and sounds. That is where I am today.
    I take antivert and valium when I need them and I have meds for nauesa. the meds help me a whole lot...with out them I would not survive. I no longer personal decision but I try to do what ever I can and have to make plans to do things....I don't go to the movies anymore and watching TV sometimes is painful for me...I don't do good in rooms of crowds. I no longer work which was child care.
    Having Fibromyalgia and Meniere's has changed my life and my families life...we all just take one day at a time and I try to do the best I can when I can. I miss some of the things I use to do but just gald I am here to do the things I can do.
    I keep learning as much as I can about these illness.
    I wish you all the best and I hope things get better for you. Life does go on and there are good days, we just handele them different.


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