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    Ok, you know about my problems! LOL
    I had been having bad diarrhea so last night
    I took Immodium for the first time. I really liked
    it and it stopped additional bathroom visits.

    However, today, I feel like a beached whale!
    My stomach is so bloated and full. At first
    I could not even go to the bathroom. I do
    not think I would take it again!

    All I had was one baked potato for dinner and a few
    skinless chicken strips later on. I feel like I ate
    a big Thanksgiving dinner!

    Has this happened to anyone else on Immodium.
    I thought it would be the answer to my prayers,
    but it is not!

    I am calling a GI tomorrow.
    Thanks all for your suggestions.


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    So glad I am not alone with this.
    I feel so awful. I cannot believe
    that Immodium did all of this.

    My aunt ended up in the hospital after
    taking Immodium once. My mother didn't
    want me to even try it but I asked her to
    get me some the last time she went out.
    My aunt though, had constipation and not
    diarrhea. Don't ask!!!