Immune activation and CFIDS

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    Does chronic fatigue syndrome pertain to immune activation in all cases? Do many/most/some people with CFS have slightly elevated white counts? Mine is always slightly elevated and boy do I feel it!! I'm also wondering if chronic fatigue runs the same course, for the most part, regardless of the source it begins from. (Whether it was stress, accident/trauma, vaccine). Just being on this board I can tell we all have similarities and differences in our cases. I'm interested in feedback. Also very interested in anyone who was successful in finally lowering their white count.
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    I have low normal white, with abnormally low lymphocytes, I wish I could get them up ...
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    thats interesting- i assume your condition did not result from a vaccination?
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    I have a normal white count, as of last testing.
    I believe that CFIDS whether the trigger is viral, bacterial, trauma, vaccine, or stress, runs the same course if you will. Although little has been observed in MRI's and CT's, PET and SPECT have revealed various changes (injuries to many areas of the brain). Therefore that accounts for the fact that symptoms may differ, but are usually symtpoms from various CNS Central Nervous System Functions, such as immune dysregulation, endocrine and hormone dysregulation, gastro-intestinal, thermal regulation, adrenal malfunction, cognitive dysfunction and mood disorders, Circadian cycles, and sleep disorders. Therefore the triggers may differ in prone individuals, the outcome is the same in finding the brain and stem impaired, and depending on the areas that have been injured, is revealed through our various symptoms.
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