immune/auto-immune what is the difference

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  1. Lendi

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    It seems to depend on the Dr. as to whether FM/CFS are immune or auto-immune diseases. What is the difference between an auto-immune disease and an immune disease? I'm a little confused, here. I think all of the differing opinions makes this so much harder to deal with. I'm not sure who to believe and what to do. RA and hypothyroid is auto-immune? What diseases are immune diseases? Thanks, Lendi
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    Many researchers are having a tough time deciding which are immune and which are autoimmune. Used to be thought that FMS and CFIDS were immune disorders; i.e., problems with the immune system. Lupus, RA, and MS were thought to be autoimmune, i.e., the immune system turn on ones body, hence the "auto" meaning self.

    Now, no one is completely sure that FMS and CFIDS are not autoimmune. A lot of the accompanying disorders we suffer with FMS/CFIDS are autoimmune: Asthma, eczema, Crones, etc.

    So, at this point, no one knows for sure.

    Love, Mikie
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    if our body is fighting itself it's an auto-immune disease. But, if our body just doesn't fight outside factors, virus' or bacterial infections correctly it's an immune disease. Do I have that right? Thanks, for the help. I think I understand a little better, now.
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