? Immune Deficency?? Life or Death

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    This is as close to a life or death decision as I have rver gotten! Does anyone know if CFS is a true immune deficency? I have got to decide wheather or not to receive chemotherey for my breast cancer or just get radiation and a hormne therepy. My oncologist is afraid "my quality of life" would not be acceptable if he gives me Chemo.,since the side effects mimic our Cfs Symtoms and or my stopping HRT. Mikie, Jelly, anyone who is a survivor, please , let me know if CFS is an immune deficency and/or where I can find this info? PLEASE HELP!! Sandy1
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    Hey I live in New Orleans, really a suburb Covington. I have had a lumpectomy with clear margins,but pathology discovered an intra-mammory lymph node within the 1.3 lump,neither were palpable and only found by routine mamo.
    The sentenel node was negative.My surgeon said chemo+radiation+Hormone-blocker.My medical oncologist says
    I already look like a chemo patient and he doesn't think I
    can stand the side-effects of chemo. which are the same as alot of the CFIDS symtoms. Went to M.D.Anderson cancer center and got a totally different staging and treatment suggustions. And I've had Tulane Un. pathology look at the slides, so this Friday, I'm going to Ocsher breast Clinic with everything from my dx.of CFIDS and tests to all the Tests and reports from everyone involed with my Cancer.Hopefully they will be able to sort through all of this and come up with a treatment plan! It's been since 12-26-02 when I had my surgery, and my nerves are shot not to mention the FLARE to end all flares. Thanks for the vent, PRAY for me, Sandy

    P.S. Happy Mardi Gras!!!
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    I'm sorry you have to face cancer in addition to CFIDS, one alone is enough to make one despair!
    As to the immune system, you could have a full lymphocyte count, and this could give you at least some idea, i.e. if the count is very low, part of your immune system is also, if it is within the normal range, then perhaps you're ok on that front, although the values for normality are of course only statistical.
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    and that I'm keeping you in my prayer for a fast and easy recovery. May the Lord guide and lead you in the right direction for treatments. Hugs, Lendi
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    He's an immunologist just outside San Francisco. He deals specifically with AIDS, CFS AND Cancer. He's a GREAT doctor, and knows a lot about alternative therapies also-he does integrative work. He himself has suffered from CFS. Unfortunately, he doesn't take insurance...but if you tell him you're low income he'll give you a discount. And if you're REALLY low income, just tell him. He rocks!

    Good luck.
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    is (415)-381-7505.

    He does phone consults, and is very prompt if you need to follow up by e-mail. Tell him Harriet Watson says hello if you call him... He's also very empathetic..