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    I'm waiting to hear from my MCS support group. That's where I got this info. Apparently we've got an over active immune system.
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    Interesting information. Thanks for posting this.

    I am eager to see if anyone is familiar with this.

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    Will someone do a cut and paste. Everyone needs this info.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    A related group of symptoms from a different cause is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was originally called the Epstein Barr Virus but investigation proved that there were patients who exhibited the symptoms, but did not test positive for EBV and were still sick. These patients have complaints similar to the candidiasis patients, but often suffer pains resembling that of a chronic flu with aching joints and a total fatigue that does not allow them to get out of bed for more than a few minutes at a time. It is now considered to be an overgrowth of "enteroviruses" which develop after a bout of the flu or mononucleosis. Because these viral and fungal infestations are so toxic to the body, the immune system is in a constant state of alert and over a period of time may begin to deteriorate, allowing the intruder an even more secure position. In a patient with an already compromised immune system, these problems are accentuated and can become very serious indeed.


    Our approach is to increase the available oxygen in the body to "zap" these anaerobic creatures, detoxify the body as a whole and stimulate the immune system. Certain substances which do an excellent job of this are not readily available in the United States, but we can provide them in Mexico.
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    I dunno. This does not sound consistent with my understanding of the disease that I have. The idea that CFS is simply caused by an "overactive" immune system doesn't seem consistent with what they're saying either.

    I. "Enteroviruses"

    In The Beginning, people thought that CFS was like AIDS, and at its core caused by a retrovirus.

    Later, people concluded that probably wasn't true, and speculated that it was caused by an enterovirus.

    The most famous enterovirus is polio. Others include:

    Bovine enterovirus
    Coxsackie virus
    Human enterovirus A
    Human enterovirus B
    Human enterovirus C
    Human enterovirus D
    Human enterovirus E
    Porcine enterovirus A
    Porcine enterovirus B
    Swine vesicular disease virus

    I've not heard anybody present any evidence that an enterovirus is involved. I've not even heard anybody else speculate that might be involved, over the past 7 years or so.

    Fungal infections are not enteroviruses. Fungus is not a virus at all.

    II. They claim to be "Stimulating the Immune System"

    This is not indicative of the fact that they believe that the immune system is overactive already. If that were the case, they wouldn't want to stimulate it.

    Best, Lisa

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    The International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health has a bunch of good info in it. If you'd like to do some research.

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