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    I have a question about Immune Modulators. Does anyone know what a good schedule is for taking them?

    I read an article by Dr. Cheney stating that he believes all Immune Modulators need to NOT be taken on a regular basis or immunity develops.

    I'm presently taking TF Essentials, TF 560, TF 540, and Tumeric.

    I was diagnosed with CFS nearly 20 years ago and took LEM successfully for many of those years, then AHCC (Immpower) for the last 4 or so years.

    With these products I was able to pretty much totally control the CFS with only a mild occasional relapse.

    However, in August the AHCC apparently quit working. I then switched to TF Essentials.

    In Dec I went back on the AHCC, 1 capsule every day, and the relapse went away - for 3 weeks. It has been back ever since.

    I believe my body became immune to the AHCC because I was taking it regularly - and it's an Immune Modulator.

    I am off of it again, and taking the TF 540, TF 560, TF E, OLE, and Tumeric. I know some of these are immune modulators - the 560 and Tumeric definitely.

    My questions are: are all of these Modulators? How do I alter my dosage so I don't become immune to them?

    The only blood test I had was 20 years ago and it showed an inactive EBV.

    I have no medical person in this part of the US who knows anything about CFS, so I'm totally on my own.

    I know the TF 540 and the Tumeric are for EBV. I just want to be sure I take these the right way, so that when they do start helping, I won't ruin it by taking them regularly.

    Thank you so much!
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    Great questions, wish I could help.

    Bumping for someone with more knowledge.

  3. cherylsue

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    is to rotate them. See Stormyskye's post. She's rotated several herbs, etc. Takes a break and then starts again. She keeps a chart or records, I believe.

    Hope this helps.


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