Immune System and Cancer

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scarflady, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. scarflady

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    I have a friend who is going through Chemo and after her first 4 treaments has developed a very high fever. She was to start new less invasive treatments and now her Oncologist has stopped all treatments. She mentioed that she has a poor immune system and I wondered about a connection to Cancer. I did a search for immune system and cancer and found the Cancer Research Institute in New York. There is a connection. I tried to find any topics in the search area and didn't find any. I am not trying to frighten anyone I am just trying to help my friend. Does anyone in the group know of a similar situation and high fever with Chemo and how it was treated. I would like to help my friend and thought this group may have suggestions.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to give...

  2. findmind

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    Well, maybe they could just test her for Epstein Barr Virus: I've read about its possible role in certain types of cancer: especially nose and throat.

    You didn't say what type of cancer she has, but couldn't any cause a fever? Or the chemo has lowered her immune system so much that she has some bacterial infection that has taken hold?

    Are they putting her on antibiotics to see if that helps her?

    There are more learned people here; I just wanted to let you know what I've learned in my reading.

    Many prayers for your friend, may she have a complete recovery!

  3. scarflady

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    Thanks for responding....
    She has breast cancer. I hope they put her on antibiotics.Her email was so new that nothing had been done at by this morniogn except the hospital did a lot of tests. I don't know the results yet.

  4. mosherpit

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    I dont' have a lot of experience, but I know when my mom went thru chemo she ran a low fever and the dr. said as long as it didn't go past 101 (I think) not to worry too much. The biggest thing I learned from my moms experience was attitude is EVERYTHING. She gave up the moment they said cancer and couldn't tolerate more than I think 4 treatments. So just try to encourage your freind to keep her chin up.

    Does any one go to your friends dr. apt.'s with her? I used to go with my mom and dad so between us we could remember all that they told us. It might also encourage her if you offer to go as an extra support person.

    My prayers and thoughts go to your friend and you.
  5. gumama

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    I'm sorry to hear your friend is sick..... I am a Breast Cancer survivor of 8 yrs... I didn't have to have Chemo, but I do know that fevers are VERY COMMON with Chemo treatment...

    Stopping treatment when there is a fever is also common, the Dr's don't want to damage the immune system anymore with the chemo.... taking a break from the chemo should bring the fever back down to normal....

    The Dr's will usually start back on a lower dose of chemo when the treatments return... you didn't say what stage the Cancer is in.. and that has a lot to do with the treatment itself.


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