Immune System. Immunoglobulin IgA, ATrial Fibrillation, Other Questions.

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    I just read the post about the person who broke out in hives and was treated with steriods and felt better with her FM. Wow, what a potential miracle! Congrats.

    One of the response posts mentioned a possible connection to Herpes Zoster.

    I had Herpes Zoster when I was 33 years old. I'm 57 now.

    I was gardening and I felt extreme itching on my back. I went to a dermatologist and the second I lifted my shirt he said "Herpes Zoster".

    I wonder if this stayed in my system and now is part of some of my symptoms?

    Anyway, I have been having atrial fibrillation recently. One time so bad went to hospital and was kept two days. They have me on beta blockers and aspirin. I still get irregular heart beat episodes that last for hours, scary...I get so weak...but I can't run to the hospital so much.

    I have been there so often for so many things they recommend the psyche ward send a worker down to talk to me every time.

    As many here who have read my postings over the years know, I am always "stressed" inside and out. It feels like so many areas of my body just go in and out of craziness, scary craziness, sick feeling, hot skin, prickly feelings from feet on up, weak...I MEAN weak episodes...jumpy irregular heart beats, constant full body tendonitis, etc etc.

    I am constantly asked by doctors ( forcefully) to see shrinks more and more and to get on anti anxiety and anti depression pills. I have my valium handy and just got my first bottle of prozac.
    I can't take the pressure exerted on me to take these things anymore. The doctors get angry with me and lecture me because they say I am too anxious for them to work with me.

    Doctors are great for focusing on my anxiety and depression and stress...and they always come up with these psychotropic meds.

    But trying to find physical reasons for my symptoms long ago became a non-priority issue.

    They say they've done enough must be in my mind!

    But, as always, I've never stopped believeing that there is some real chemical/biological, physiological reason why my nerve and every other internal system in my body just acts crazy every day. This just makes doctors furious if I say this. I keep this belief to myself now though, out of fear of being run off which has happened to me too many times.

    I can create fibrillation of my heart by drinking coffee or even hot chocolate.

    I am that sensitive to caffeine. I'm hyper-sensitive to everything. Pain meds, everything. Doesn't that tell these doctors something besides them thinking I am simply an emotionally broken kook?

    What this tells me is that it is these chemical reactions in my body are creating this... extremely hyper-reactive ones, and not simply my psychological state of anxiety and depression.

    Also my Immunoglobulin IgA readings are always high on my blood tests. Last two were between 450 and 500. I am not sure what this means but I saw on the internet that this indicates a constant hyper-allergic response in my body. Doctors always say this means nothing though and won't let me ask them about it.

    But if an outside chemical can effect me this clearly, why can't another physical internal chemical action ( like glands malfunctioning ) be causing the rest of my symptoms? Especially if I am highly allergic to almost everything now?

    I think something with my glands is haywire. My tests always come back normal ( except the Iga and low tsetosterone, B-12, Vitamin D and barely low end normal iron ) ...but it feels as though something real and wrong is circulating in my body and making everything feel haywire! I've been saying this since I first got sick.

    I have tried to get out of this small and limited doctor town to the Cleveland Clinic for the last 6 months. I have been told to do this by a couple opf doctors and told to "start fresh!"

    My PCP has agreed to send me there if I can somehow aquire the travel and lodging funds while there.

    I have checked EVERY charity you can imagine. From Angel flights and travelers aid to you name it.

    I have also checked every government program. My wife works and even though our frugal expenses ( we drive a beat up old 1993 junker, rent and food and medical bils, that's all we can afford ) eat up her paycheck...they say we make too much.

    Church charities all say they are broke.

    Anybody here know of any help for people like me to get to one of these much more equipped and talented medical clinics?

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