immune system weak or not?

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    if I am at the points I cant take any new meds or natural substances to help other issues, does that mean that my immune system is getting weaker. if so anyone know what I could do to help the situation? noticed it because of trying to treat oral thrush for over a year. once something starts to help I get so weak and lifeless I have to back off. went from taking a whole bottle of nystatin last spring-no help-to now 2 tsp. daily will render me lifeless so will a garlic capsule. its really getting me down. I am housebound for yrs. but got to enjoy getting out a little in warm weather-car ride w/my husband or maybe go through a store in wheelchair. but not much since last spring cause I keep trying to treat thrush. not many good days each week. thank you for reading. Carolyn
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    Carolyn, I just wanted to respond since you haven't had one yet. I heard coconut oil rinseded in your mouth for 20 mins takes out infections. Coconut fights against bacterial, viral and fungul issues. I don't know if it would help but might be worth looking into. I hope you find some help. Blessings ~ Sally
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    thanks sally. I have tried as little as 1/8 tsp coconut oil and after 3 days I would be weak and lifeless. that was swallowing it. did you mean to spit out or swallow. same thing happened w/garlic pills too. thanks again carolyn
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    Carolyn - I think the severe reaction you have to coconut oil and garlic is a herxheimer reaction - they're working to kill the candida, but the die-off reaction is very strong and that's why you feel so awful when you take them.

    I don't think it's your immune system that's the problem, but rather something in your detox pathways is out of whack. I recommend if at all possible that you see an integrative medicine doctor who can check for nutritional imbalances and deficiencies and help remedy this. I used to react very strongly to certain things that no longer bother me, and my body somehow has gotten stronger. I'm not sure how, unfortunately, as I've done so many things. A major thing I started 3 or 4 years ago was a B12/methylation protocol (see:

    And an extremely important part of this protocol was discovering I needed extra potassium. Freddd talks about the importance of potassium in the above. I would not have been able to do it without the potassium. But the good news is the protocol boosted my energy.

    Another thing I think that helped was taking acetyl-l-glutathione (not l-glutathione which is hard to absorb). The acetyl form is pricey, I took it for about 4 months and I think it helped. Another product that can help with detoxing is called Chem Defense by Source Naturals which has molybdenum and sublingual glutathione.

    There are so many possible variables, which is why it would be really good to see an IM doctor. A good website to find one is, which has a search feature under Health Resources near the top of the page - physician + link where you can find IM doctors in your area.

    Take care -

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    One more thing - you said you've been housebound for years. Have you had your adrenals checked out? They can make you feel very weak if th are weak. A chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me with mine when I was weak as a kitten and I think I would have been housebound if he hadn't helped me. He gave me an adrenal glandular by Standard Process called Drenatrophin PMG - I had to take 3 or 4 times the recommended dose in the beginning because I was so weak, but it helped noticeably in just a couple of days. I think you have more going on than just candida or thrush -

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    Consider using gymnema for the reduction and control of Candidiasis. I know that candida overgrowth is a significant problem in people with ME and MCS. The limitation of standard antifungals such as Nystatin or Miconazole is that Candida builds a biofilm thereby resisting treatment.

    We use a combination of gymnema and zinc picolinate. Together these reduce the biofilm. You can use an oral antifungal as well but we generally find that is not necessary.

    It is also helpful to supplement with DHA/EPA (2 grams daily) and Vitamin D3 (5000 IU daily) to reduce inflammation, which aids Candida entrenchment.
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    thanks mary and ian for the tips. mary im still tryiang to research to find an integrative doctor in my area. had adrenals tested a few years ago and they were ok. will check out these products but since im so sensitive I have gotten afraid to try much. I hope its not weakened immune system because I know I would be at risk for more things if it is. I am in my 60s and 30 plus years of not being well I thought maybe it could be. thank you all for your replies, carolyn