Immune tranfer C for CFS?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by kbak, Apr 26, 2005.

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    I'm brand new to transfer factor. I can't seem to find anywhere an explaination of what immune C covers. Would this be a good one for Chronic Fatigue? I see it's a gel cap, and some people were atlking about opening the capsule and splitting the dose, can you do that with a gel cap? Any help you could give me I'd greatly appreciate!
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    I took Immune Transfer C for over a year and it transformed my life. The way it is suppose to be taken is to open up the capsule and put the contents under your tongue and let them melt. Some people will feel sick for a few days from the transfer factor. Therefore, they reduce the amount to say 1/2 the capsule. That is perfectly acceptable. Mikie has a way of using it that works for her...she will post here or you can look at one of her older posts that explains it. She doesn't take it every day but pulses it by taking it every other day.

    Personally, I had very little herx but it took several months for me to get the full benefit. Now that I think about it, the literature says that improvement can happen for up to one year.

    Transfer Factor C. "targets specific viruses..EBV and HHV6. There is a HHV6A and a HHV6B. Im sorry but I forget which one the TFC targets. There is another transfer factor that costs about the same and targets both A & B. Mikie was taking that the last I read. You get it on live from Immunity Today.

    I have stoped the TF's for now to pursue the Marshall Protocol. But I cannot say enough good things about Transfer Factors. Why am I trying the MP? Because the TF's didn't help my brain. If the MP helps my brain and I still need energy help, then I will certainly be back with the TFs.

    Hope that helps.

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    but Transfer Factor C targets HHV6B. You can add the TF 200 from Prohealth to cover both A and B.

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    Thanks Spacee,
    I've been reading about the MP also. Would you suggest starting with the transfer factor before moving on to something else, or would you, if you were to start over, do the MP first?

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    Sorry to be so slow in responding. I have been sleeping ALOT. For me I was glad to have the time on the TF because I was able to exercise. BUT it seems that most of us CFS people "herx" on TF. So, I, personally would rather be herxing on the MP first and then add the TF after completing the MP. Everyone is different. If you wanted to try the TF for a month, you would know if it causes you to herx or to improve without herxing.

    Also, the MP is very difficult for someone who works or has children at home. Do some reading about the MP. It is all consuming for a number of months. I am Spacee on that board too. So, if you have any questions about the MP you can Personal Message me there. Celticladee was a HUGE help to me to start. I knew her from here. She is about 6 months ahead of me on the MP.


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    Targets Lyme Disease, Chlamydia, CMV the B strain only of HHV-6, and EBV. I added TF 200 because it targets both strains.

    The Store here used to have a matrix which showed in one place what each of the TF's targets. I wish they would bring it back.

    Love, Mikie
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    Where can we read up on Marshall Protocol?

    Also, what would you suggest for those of us who have FMS/CFS and who are sensitive to any and all meds/supplements?

    I'm amazed at the cost of these things too. How do you afford them?
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    Then, I started pulsing them every six weeks. I had to open the capsules because of the strong immune response I had to them. That meant that they stretched a lot further than if I had had to take a whole capsule daily. After a month, I was able to take whole capsules.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Guys,

    New here :) Could somebody please post a link to the products mentioned? Googling doesnt bring up much at all.

    Thanks :)