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    Heard on news today that in the US they have confirmed the possible link between triple vaccines and autism.

    Interesting, yet another challenge to the immune system.

    I lived abroad for many years. It was a warm climate with poor sanitation by western standards.

    So as a baby, young child, and adolescent had masses of ongoing immunisation, far in excess of that being used generally in Europe and North America.

    When running a regional group there were a marked number of similar cases, too high to represent the population generally.

    Cocksackie B caused some CFS cases and highlighted the possible connection with polio immunisation and the virus subsequently mutating.

    Immunisation has saved countless lives, or so we're told. However, sanitation and nutrition has improved over the same years so perhaps it's been given too much credit.

    I think the nature of immunisation itself may cause problems for some, after all the infective agent is introduced into the body in a different way (except oral polio) from that in which it would normally occur.

    Yet more theories to add to the puzzle of numerous chronic illnesses that exist today.