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    Hi Everyone!

    I am going to see an Immunologist/Allergist on Wednesday.

    My mom has told me stories of when I was 6 months old getting respiritory infections/bronchitis constantly. She said when I was 8 months old, my lung collapsed because of it too. She then took me to Augusta Medical and they found out I was allergic to EVERYTHING. They told her I would be remarkably better by 2 yrs old or remarkably worse. Luckily for my mom and me, I was remarkably better. (I have never had allergies to anything since.)

    However, things started changing when I was 15. Endometreosis was first. Then, Type 1 Diabetes, my lung collapsed, mono, CFS, Pelvic Congestion, Deep Vein Thrombosis (both legs), FM and RA. See what I mean? Things have been on a downhill slide since 15.

    Very strange things have happened lately that are maddening for me! My calves used to swell because the blood seeped back down my legs between heart beats. The vascular surgeon said he did his best but the surgery to fix it didn't work. Last year out of nowhere, my legs stopped swelling... for no reason! I didn't look into why because it was better not worse. But last week, again out of nowhere, they started swelling again. ARGHH. (If my valves in my veins are broken, how can they fix themselves for a year and break again??????)

    So I'm again baffled. I wish I was super smart to read online and find out how that leg thing could happen. My hands stopped swelling (RA) about 3 weeks ago too and I thought it was because maybe the MTX/Plaquenil combo was working. This week, my hands are like ski gloves again.

    I've never seen an immunologist. This doctor's special interests are immunodefecient syndromes. (I read his bio online.) I chose him because of that. I'm hoping he can AT LEAST explain the CFS/FM in combo with the rest of my issues.

    I'm putting this out here to see if any of you have any ideas about what I should ask him about. Maybe if you've seen an immunologist, you can tell me a little bit of what to expect. I have a terrible habit of getting my hopes up going into see a new doctor... More times than not, the doctors have been a BIG disappointment.

    Thanks for reading and giving me some ideas.

    Wishing you all a great week.
  2. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi All:

    I'm sure you all have been on the "doctor curcuit". I was reaching for straws on this one. I didn't get any real information. The doctor was very nice and took the time to explain some details about the immune system I wasn't understanding though.

    He did say that CFS/FM will not have a "true" treatment until researchers can figure out the exact cause(s) for these syndromes. (He went on to say the same about my autoimmune diseases.)

    Sorry I didn't find out any good information for us. At least I found a doctor that didn't make me want to punch him. :)

    Hope you're all having a good week.

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