Immunology and Infectious Diseases Research Journals submission

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  1. Journal of Immunology and Infectious Diseases is an international on-line open access diary that devoted to quarterly distributed of awesome quality papers that depict the preeminent imperative and most recent examination in every aspect of ailments and diverse sexually transmitted illnesses like HPV, genital herpes, Chlamydia, sexually transmitted contamination and their immunological co operations. JIID distributes unique clinical and lab based examination, nearby reports of clinical trials, surveys and a couple case reports. We intend to convey most recent exploration progressions to a wide universal group of onlookers.

    The main Research topics in Cancer Science:

    1. Immune system

    2. Allergy

    3. Transplantation immunology

    4. Cancer immunology

    5. Clinical immunology

    6. Immune chemistry

    7. Immunogenetics

    8. Antigen-antibody interactions

    9. Immunotherapy and vaccines

    10. And Many Moreā€¦

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