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    Dear all,

    I've had CFS for a few years following EBV. It is farily mild but I have a lot of difficulty in exercising and am prone to crashes despite continuous efforts to pace. I have tried various treaments without much success and having done lots of research I have decided I want to try Immunopro and Low Dose Naltrexone.

    Does anyone have any advice about whether it is safe to try these together or should I do one first. Dr Cheney says the immune system needs to be re-balanced first so my hunch is to take LDN for a month at least before starting the immunopro. any tips appreciated.
    thanks, neil
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    Dr. Cheney's latest research has changed his mind about immunopro. (That is the whey stuff, right?). I think there have been people on this board in years past who swore by there we are. I do think we can have an individual reaction to it.

    So, yes, I would chose the LDN first.

    Perhaps you have tried the Transfer Factor sold here to target EBV?

    Nancy Kilmas, MD CFS Researcher said today in the NYT's that she tells her patients to exercise for 5 minutes, lie down for 5 minutes and so forth. She just has not had great results in dealing with the PEM (post exertional malaise). And Cheney says to not do heavy exercising.

    I have had some success with yoga and a Pump it Up class at our Y. You chose a weighted bar and exercise to a song standing, then to one lying on your back, another standing, another lying on your back. I had to build up to it. AND I ordered my own weighted bar in a much lower weight to keep my heart rate down. I feel sure I would be in a wheelchair by now without these two things.

    Let us know how you do, please.


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