Immunovir and colostrum helping my CFS

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  1. rebeccavw

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    Dear all

    I have been looking on this board for the past few months I think its great. I wanted to share what has helped me start to feel better over past month.

    After an horendous relapse of my CFS I am feeling so
    much better after starting on Immunovir/isoprinosine (prescription
    medication) and colostrum (supplement)

    I have been doing loads of research on Dr Cheneys work in US and his explanation of illness.He reccomends using
    the Immunovir, an anti viral medication, to try and shift the immune system from TH2 to TH1. My main problems is the awful flu like symptoms and after taking the immunovir aswell as Colostrum and cutting out wheat and
    milk from my diet, I feel like I don't have glandular fever for first time in months.

    I have tried every supplement and alternative treatment under the sun over the past 3 years and these are the things that have helped me most.

    Immunovir (improved in 2 weeks after having this)
    Colostrum (this is fantastic for immune system
    Solgars multi vit
    Calcium and magnesium supp
    Wheat and milk free diet

    Prof Pinching at St Barts London has done a trial on the Immunovir on 200 ME patients a third improved some stayed the same some got worse.

    If your main symptom is the flu like ones I would def give it a try.

  2. Plantscaper

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    So, does the Imunovir take care of all of the potential bacteria, fungi, as well as, the viruses? or are you saying you did not think you had all the other besides the viruses? and if so, then, you did not need the OlE or the ABX?
  3. Mikie

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    Viruses can infect bacteria, so I'm not sure how taking an antiviral medication would work in that case. Not everyone who suffers from CFS has a stealth bacterial infection; some suffer stealth viral and/or stealth funal infections.

    I think one can either do a lot of testing or just try the various anti-whatever meds to see whether they help.

    Rebecca, I am so happy for you that this med is making such a difference. I also take colostrum and feel it has helped. I take the ImmunPlex whey from this website too as Dr. Cheney also recommends it.

    I think it is vially important to try to build the immune system back to a healthy condition.

    Love, Mikie
  4. rebeccavw

    rebeccavw New Member

    although I suspect that because I had been so run down the Epstein bar virus might have been reactivated. Although recent glandular fever test was negative. The Immunovir is just helping to balance out the immune system from being TH2 acivated all the time to more TH1.
  5. Dan1989

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    I am only 13 and wanted to know Rebecca what it is which made you better because i have been ill to long now, with glandular fever just feeling dizzy.
    I am fed up and found this site and hoping someone would help me, i was just wondering what the medication you took which made you better was ?
    Because i have been trying vitamins for a little while but they only seem to relieve my tiredness
    but not my dizziness which has been going on to long now
    Please Help By replying back to me
    Many Thanks
  6. Dan1989

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    hello again ,
    Rebecca i was wondering if there was an age limit to this "imunvior" which you had got from prescription, as i am only 13 but i just want to be better
    Please reply
    Thank You From Daniel
  7. beckster

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    even if one has both bacterial and viral infections, if you treat one and the body responds well enough, then the body can fight off the other itself. So, for example, if you treat the viral part, then a load is taken off the immune system so it can then deal with other things like a bacterial problem like a healthy person's immune system would. This is where we are all trying to get! Mikie is right, we need to support our immune systems and fortunately there are many different ways to do it currently.
  8. lucky

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    Pls. read my message to Amelia and Satin, may be you get some more help from the message and where to look for more answers.
    Kind regards, Lucky