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    Immunovir/inosine is suppose to be an immune modulator. Being a previous gym junky(pre cfs) i recognised inosine as a supplement weight lifters used for increasing energy. Buying inosine is cheap and no script required, immunovir is said to be expensive and script required, also have seen written that inosine is just as effective as immunovir, probably a marketing thing.

    Anyway has anyone had any experience with this product and can you give me some feed back.

    Thanks heapsreal
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  3. heapsreal

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    Some info on immunovir/inosine, all sounds good in theory but would like to hear about some practical experience. Can get a hold of inosine cheaply so will try it in a few months time.
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    I bought some a few months ago because I had the same thoughts as you .... (I've previously been prescribed and taken Immunovir, but it's expensive) ..... I've not yet tried it tho as I've been on quite a few other new immune supplements.
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    Did the immunovir help at all?
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    You can be our guinea pig :). I got the form letter to get this by RX and got detoured to Transfer Factors. I like them alot!

    If interested, click on my name, scroll til you see Chisholm Bio Lab and there is their number. Not much info on the internet due to our friends at the FDA.

    They are pricy but allow me to exercise up to 6 hours a hour at a time.

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    Hi ....

    I was only on the Immunovir 10 days (expensive!) and ... I felt rough whilst on it (immune flare I think), but then after I came off it I had about 2 good months where my energy etc was better. I'm positive for EBV btw.

    Currently have another P/X for Immmunovir (another 10 days) but waiting for the money to collect the tabs!

    I'm in England ........
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    how much does it cost for 10 days worth. I know supplements of inosine for 1 month is cheap like $8 but its not prescription type. Be ineresting to know if there is a big difference
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    There's a BIG difference in price!!!!!!!!!! 10 days of Imunovir costs about £175 (but I'll have to check that) ... as you say Inosine is MUCH cheaper ....
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    Hi all,
    I have ordered inosine 500mg tabs x 100, 2 bottles. $16 from This mob have cheap supps good brands.
    Anyway I am going to dose them by Cheney's recommendations, ie week 1, 6tabs a day mon-fri, nil for sat and sun, week 2, 2 tabs a day mon-fri, nil weekend.
    Then repeat. Hopefully start in the next week or 2 when inosine arrives.
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    Have been looking into transfer factors, there seems to be general transfer factors and specific transfer factors eg. for EBV. Do i need to use a specific transfer factor? How have they worked for you, and do you regress when off these supps etc,
    ta, heapsreal
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    You could try the nonspecific Transfer Factor first. I did since my mother had some. I could tell that it did a little but it was not much. I also took twice the recommended dose.

    I had been on Kutapressin which targeted EBV and HHV6. So I went for a targeted TF for those two plus it had a few others. It is no longer made. So I switched to Chisholm Bio Lab's #2 and then I added #9 cause it is similar to Mycoplus (that isn't made anymore either). I started Mycoplus cause the founder of this website took it and we had similar experiences with Kutapressin and the first TF.

    Before the TF's I walk for 20 minutes. Do the weight machines at the Y for 20 minutes (had to start at 5 min. and add another 5 minutes each week). That was about all.

    With TF's I have managed to work up to right now 6 hours a week. Tues and Thurs and Sat I do a "pump it up class". Fr I do one class of Yoga a week and walk at the mall (like the a/c) one hour on Monday and Thurs. Friday and Sunday I don't exerise.

    I take the two different TFs at bedtime for a week, then take a week off. So the cost is lower that way and it keeps my immune system "guessing".

    If I stop taking it, I go back to not being able to exercise much at all. Also, I am 58 yo and have had this DD for 22 years so without the TF I don't think I could do much at all.

    Hope that helps.

  13. heapsreal

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    Hi all,
    Have taken 3 doses of inosine, 1000mgx3, dont know if its my imagination or not but the aches and pains Ive had have decreased considerably, insomnia last night was a shocker, had 2 hrs sleep but dont feel to bad today.
    Spacee, i will try the transfer factor after i have given the inosine a good try, i think both work in a similar way,ie increases Th1 dominence which helps the immune system kill pathogens inside cells, where Th2 is more of an allergy response, which is how hurpees type viruses(ebv etc)survive our immune systems by tricking it into a Th2 response.
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    after 3 days of 3grams of inosine i feel crappy, insomnia is worse and starting to get a chronic headache. I assume its some sort of die of reaction from my immune system being reved up, just hope i feel better soon. One plus is i have no muscle aches which i was taking muscle relaxers for regularily before inosine. These symptoms are similar to when i took doxycycline a few years ago, felt crappy but aches and pains went.

    Anyone elso get a die off type reaction to inosine/immunovir??
  15. spacee

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    I haven't tried the inosine so can't help you there.

    Prohealth sells Beta Glucan that the TF people feel helps with the herxing. I don't think they are the only place selling it. Local healthfood stores might have it. Worth a call, maybe

    Thinking good thoughts for you!

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    Hi Heapsreal ..... yep, when I took Immunovir I felt just as you describe after a few days of the 10 day course, and it then lasted to the end of the course of it. I felt worse on it, but better after I'd finished the 'course' and came off it than before I'd started it .... better energy/ less viral etc. On it, just as you describe I had an immune/ viral 'flare' (less energy, headaches, glands hurting, stomach probs etc ...).

    Hope that helps .....

    Take care.
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    Have you taken immunovir since the first time, and have you had the same reaction again. Im thinking/hopeing during the second week where you use a lower dose that i start to feel better. In your opinion is it worth the effort, maybe 10day cycle every few months maybe??

    Its seems with most medication that works for cfs that it makes you worse first like valcyte.

    Have read a few experiences similar to ours. One i read was a woman in UK who took it for a year and felt terrible the whole time, then stopped it and apparently recovered??

    Other research I have done shows that inosine increases uric acid levels and they work like antioxidants, my cfs dr says that the aches and pains from cfs shows there is oxidation going on, this might explain why my aches and pains and clickety joints have gone. Have also read a few things from Drs that say supplementing with inosine is just as effective as Immunovir, and alot cheaper, which is what Im doing.

    It would be interesting if others try it and see what their experience is too.[This Message was Edited on 07/27/2008]
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    That's all very interesting! nope, I haven't had another course since the 1st, but have asked for one as I do think it was worth the flare up, to then feel better for a few months off it. That was my thought, to do a few weeks on, a few months off. I had a good couple off months when I came off, after having been on it for the 10 days.

    At this point it'ds mainly finances that have prevented me from taking up my 2nd course of Immunovir .... I do however have a bottle of Inosine in the cupboard! ;o) Reason I've not yet taken that is I'm doing other treatments such as chelation and I didn't want to get too confused (or ill) doing too much at once. As soon as I take it I'll let you know!

    Hang in there! :eek:)
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    Thank for your feedback. Let us know how you go when you try the inosine, interested to see how you find the difference between it and immunovir.

    I have had 24hr break from the inosine and am feeling much better then pre inosine, actually slept 6hrs drug free last night which is rare. Wiil commence again after another 24hr break, will try and complete a months cycle like advised by cheney. Will keep a good stock of pain killers for the headaches though. Still amazed at the affect its had on the aches and pains, theres nsomething to it. Have also seen how people with MS are having good success with it also.

    good luck with everything
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    GOOD LUCK with it all for you too!

    Could you post a link to the Cheney article on it please? be really grateful as I don't think I've ever read it!

    Really interested in your experience of he Inosine as it seems to be remarkably simila to mine and the Immunovir! I think it's right to ease back on these things sometimes for a bit, to give your system time to recover slightly ... seem to get further in the end just plugging away regardless feeling grim! often when yo go back on things, you don't have such a bad herx as before.

    What infections etc have you been diagnosed with? i.e. EBV/ CMV/ HHPV6/ Lyme etc? I have, found thus far; EBV, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and 'possible' Lyme (indeterminate on 3 different tests).

    Will DEFO let you kno when I try it.

    Interested too about the success with MS patients as I have a friend with it, so shall tell him ... is that success with Inosine or Immunovir?
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