Impairments of the 2-5A synthetase/RNase L pathway in CFS

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  1. tansy

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    Impairments of the 2-5A synthetase/RNase L pathway in chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Journal: In Vivo. 2005 Nov-Dec;19(6):1013-21.

    Authors: Nijs J, De Meirleir K.

    Affiliation: Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of Physical Education
    and Physiotherapy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium.
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    PMID: 16277015

    This paper provides an overview of the evidence addressing the impairments
    of the 2'-5' oligoadenylate (2-5 A) synthetase/RNase L pathway in Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients.

    The 2-5A synthetase/RNase L pathway in CFS patients appears to be both
    up-regulated (i.e. increased levels of bioactive 2-5A synthetase and
    increased activity of the RNase L enzyme) and deregulated (elastase and
    calpain initiate 83 kDa RNase L proteolysis, generating two major fragments
    with molecular masses of 37 and 30 kDa, respectively).

    The deregulation of the 2-5A synthetase/RNase L pathway in CFS accompanies
    decreased NK-function and deregulation of apoptotic pathways. Since various
    components of the pathway appear to be related to performance during a
    graded exercise stress test, some evidence supportive of the clinical
    importance of the impaired pathway in CFS patients has been provided.

    Studies addressing the treatment of the deregulation of the 2-5A
    synthetase/RNase L pathway in CFS are warranted.
  2. JenniferAnn539

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    Tansy, thanks so much for posting this information!

    I am always happy to see more research information. It is reassuring that someone, somewhere is doing research on CFIDS.
  3. ulala

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    My doctor at the FFC suggested a test for RNase L. I'm not sure if we decided to do it or not because he said it's very expensive and somtimes insurance doesn't pay for it.

    I'm assuming if they test for it that there is some kind of treatment for it? Down regulating what is up-reulated and up regulating what is down regulated. (Can you tell that I am very scientifically oriented)? HaHa, just looking for answers.

    Thanks forposting this article!
  4. cobie

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    Thanks Tansy, Does this abnormal pathway mean that there is an infection somewhere,or just an abnormal immune system for whatever reason ?How do you diagnose the Th1 or th2 dominance? Is it from your interleukin levels?{which are the same as cytokines} have I got this right ???? Cheers cobie
  5. terra329

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    This sounds interesting - are you talking about heart problems?? I saw stress test so I thought heart. My doctor
    is sending me for a Cardiopulmonary stress test.
  6. tansy

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    on a message posted here some time ago. If you type "RnaseL and 2-5A Synthetase" into the search box it will come up. It's not well understood by most doctors. The RNaseL deregulated pathway is thought to be specific to ME/CFS.


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