Impedance Cardiography

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    Those who have had this test and have low cardiac output/low blood volume, what have your doctors done to help you and is it working?
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    The cardiologist that provided my Impedance Cardiography was not able to provide any treatment options. He did not know of anything that would be helpful.

    So, I am on my own with trying to find something that might help.
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    I've had the test, and have chosen to take hawthorn because Dr. Cheney suggested it. It has been helping. I have to be careful not to overdose, because it is very strong. My heart has been hurting much less since I began the hawthorn.

    If you are interested, there were a couple threads about hawthorn in the past month that you could search for.

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    I cannot remember the name offhand of the person on the board who is the patient of Dr. Cheney. However, he wrote about his most recent appointment about 2-3 weeks ago. The post should have "Cheney" in the title.

    I believe that for patients with heart problems, Dr. Cheney is prescribing a special formulation of one of Douglas Laboratories' (formerly Atrium Douglas) products.

    This is a frozen extract containing high amounts of mesenchyme.

    Douglas Laboratories makes other similar products for commercial distribution. The one I've taken is called Molecular CF (with an almost identical product called AntiAging). This includes extracts of mesenchyme, adrenal and thymus. It is designed for use on high-stress occasions or by patients needing high-dose support. It costs $300 for 20 bottles (one per day), and is available to the public.

    Apparently Dr. Cheney does not believe that the mesenchyme in the regular products is suficient, and thus got Douglas to prepare a version with just mesenchyme for his patients.

    I would guess that there would be a way to get this special version for your own use, if impedance cardiograms show that there indeed is a heart problem. (Cheney finds these problems with about half his patients; he does not use the mesenchyme for the other half.)

    If I were going to pursue this route (and I soon may if my own heart shows problems that aren't resolved quickly by AV treatment), I would first call Douglas Laboratories and ask if I could purchase Dr. Cheney's formulation.

    If they said no, I would call Dr. Cheney's office and ask them to give permission to Douglas to supply it to me. I can't believe Dr. Cheney's office would say no. He has plenty of patients of his own and seems to honestly want to help as many CFS sufferers as possible.

    If you google Douglas Laboratories, you should be able to find the company's site pretty easily.

    Let me know if you make any progress. I also will ask my doctor if he knows anything about Dr. Cheney's mesenchyme preparation when I see him in a couple of weeks (since my doctor is the one who got me to start taking the Atrium Douglas frozen extracts to begin with).

    Best, Lisa

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    I bumped mcondon's post to the top of the board. Meanwhile, below is what he wrote on the product that Cheney is currently using for his heart patients. It has both mesenchyme (sort of like a stem cell) and heart in it.

    That sounds reasonable. i bet we could get it if we looked into it.

    Best, Lisa


    partial follow up 01/21/07 08:24 AM
    I will post more information on the board later..not much time right now. But, the stuff Cheney used in his trial was specially made for him by Atrium. I am pretty sure it is not on the market yet. It is a mix of mesenchyme and heart from adolescent pigs. In an earlier trial, Cheney tried the multi-organ cell signalling factors from Atrium (adrenal, mesenchyme, thymus, etc.) and it only worked well for a few patients, and some patients deteriorated on it. So he considers his new trial to be much more successful.

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