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  1. ocl53gal

    ocl53gal New Member

    Has anyone had this test done? If so, where did you go?

    I have been in a relapse for the past 7 months and for the past month my symptoms are so bad that I have to be sitting of laying down most of the time. If I get up I am very dizzy, weak, trembling and feel as though I will faint. For a month I have been having chest pain and am very short of breath. I had a Stress Test done today and will see a cardiologist in about a week. I would like to tell him about this test and need more information.

    If any of you can help me, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  2. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    I once located some places near me by using google to search for heart specialists. Then I called one after another until I found a place that offered this. I never went ahead and got the test because the test would not lead me to anything I could use. I have yet to find a treatment that could stem from this test.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the researcher who used this test to ID CFS patients used a specific protocol that is not known by the average technician. So if you want that protocol, you will need to get a copy of the protocol to them and see if they are willing to do it. You can find it here:
  3. skeptik2

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    Every six months or so, someone asks about this, so I shuffle thru a bunch
    of papers and find the number:

    1-800-778-4825 which is the Co., Cardiodynamics, who make the BioZ

    Tell them your ZIPCODE and they will tell you the closest place to have the
    test done. It costs about $125 and takes about 30 minutes, with nothing
    invasive about the procedure.

    If results are abnormal, you'll need a cardiologist willing to look into this.

    Remember, this indicates diastolic heart failure (if severe enough problems
    are found), not systolic, or CHF, which is very different and require different
    treatment plans.

    Best to you...

  4. simonedb

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    I showed one of my docs that peckerman study about 4 years ago and we didnt have it where i live so she orderd a regular echo and it didnt show anything abnormal, cus I can do stuff in the moment but then I crash a day or so later, of course they don't measure that although I see some new research at university here now is studying that finally.

    sorry for you situation, it sounds pretty concerning right now, I would go to a regular doc if that was going on and demand to have a full cardio eval to look into it all, although it may not show anything at least you would rule out what they know. When i saw Cheney 2 years ago he did his version of an echo and it showed diastolic heart probs but I havent found a treatment that really helps with it and my regular docs in town dont recognize his methods so hasnt done me a lot of good except that I know about it.......i havent decided to sink my last money into stem cell.
  5. Andrew111

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    I called the company before and they refused to help. They said it was violation of their customer's records. Maybe you talked to someone more helpful there.

    As for what to do after a positive, it's up in the air. Certainly, let the cardiologist run further tests. But if he finds nothing, that doesn't mean there is nothing there. Chances are he won't run the tests that are appropriate for CFS. But then again, he might turn out to be a sharp guy. And I don't want my negative attitude getting in the way of someone trying. OTOH, it would behoove any patient who is going this route to look into what Lerner and Bell found about this stuff, and show it to the doctor too.
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  6. spacee

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    Cheney recommends Hawthorne Berry for the heart.

    It is sold at Walmart and GNC. Certainly not Cheney's type but I take it and I like it a lot.
    I take it twice a day.

  7. skeptik2

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    Go to PubMed.

    They have a lot of articles now regarding DIASTOLIC heart failure; it
    is new to doctors, but they are in a learning curve right now.

    Print out articles and take to your doctor.

    I think anything that improves blood flow would be good: hawthorne berry,
    incline board, stand on your head if you can! Just kidding. But keeping feet
    elevated, like in a lounge chair, helps, plus increasing salt intake if you
    don't have high blood pressure.

    Best to you,

  8. ocl53gal

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    Thanks to all of you for the good information. I appreciate your kindness in responding.
  9. simonedb

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    oh I agree, I forgot to mention I do take hawthorn berry too, in a chocolate paste, just a small amount twice a day, tolerate that better than a whole capsule of the herb due to mcs, get it at community pharmacy in madison, wi, have to call as its not on their catalog on line

    yea hopefully the info coming out on diastolic will get transferred into regular practice
  10. elegiamore

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    So sorry you are so sick, but I'm there with you this morning with the exact same symptoms. HOWEVER, I have been diagnosed at the Cleveland Clinic with POTS and left ventricular diastolic failure as Cheney has pinpointed. Mine is so bad that it showed up on a normal EKG.

    You might find helpful information at Your second sentence totally described POTS to a t.

    Note that Dr. Lapp, CFS expert from way back, told me that 50-70% of his patients have POTS. Many have it so mildly that they don't recognize the symptoms, but it is a large part of their disability.

    Good luck - we are pulling for you.
  11. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    say, elegia, what are your thoughts on doc lapp? I would like to find a consultant to help me tie together some loose ends, maybe do some more testing and provide a few more answers. AFter going to cheney once, god bless him, i learned a lot, but after him anyone else seems cheap $.
    I thought I heard though that at this point Lapp is sort of just into helping people with the legal stuff and maybe isnt personalized or as engaging to hear whole story and thoroughly explain?

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