Importance of THIS group. Lifeline.

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    This is a bit of an unusual post as it does not concern the physical challenges ect. of the various ailments we all share or the different treatments or anything like that; this is my thank you I suppose, for a place to mentally reside and be served and to serve in return.
    Three years ago, the first night this now 53 year old woman had been separated from dear 'late in life' son, was in pain, nausea, vomiting, in and out of the local hospital; four years into a SSDIB claim, post divorce and a lifelong depressive. I was ready to do anything...I thought of going to the hospital lobby just to not be alone. I became a mother at 19 and my son is now 11....fantastic multi-careers; all the things you have to say...when I was struck like lightning that would not leave. I was once inch from going over the edge (with true clinical depression, the effects are no different than having a tooth absess...there is nothing you can do to affect it except with whatever medication or treatment is available).
    I had not used the "new" type computer's....but I struggled on my sons that lonely Friday night and searched for FMS and of all the options I picked up this one.
    Jackie F., Jazzie, Patty, Stephen and surely others, held my hand that night and for many nights as I began to come to terms with a chronic disease.
    I am still coming to terms three years later! Right before my "crash" I even thought...WOW maybe I don't have "it". My doc sort of looked at me quizzically and grinned. I guess he knew sometimes this happens. Denial must run deep at times when we feel on the brink of our former selves.
    Well, I called the local "hospital" support group for those with Chronic illnesses....their social worker contacted the other agencies and NONE had a support group for those of us with chronic illness. So
    Here I am once more. Shirl and Mikie are my lifelines on the board. They were here when I was up and then down, then way down.
    I am addressing this because a group of like people is a very necessary part of the treatment of any chronic illness. Until a medical breakthrough or miracle, we must seek wellness but be mindful that we have a chronic illness and many who love us cannot even accept they offer no support but put distance between "me and thee".
    Well, that's my message. For me, having "you" here for those times of unsecurity, is medicine. I always say there are no mysteries only things we don't yet understand...I did not originate the above...I got it from TXRose..also a periodic visitor/member and fellow survivor.
    If anyone reads this, as I know it is quit long on words, I give you a thank you and renew my efforts to be here for those who may need info I may have...especially on those long lonely weekends. Love & thank you...CactusLil'
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    This is beautiful and I thank you for it. You have truly been an inspiration to so many and you continue to be. I am glad our new members are having a chance to get to know you and I am especially glad to see you back posting again. I know things have been really rough for quite a while.

    I believe that finding this place was a gift from God to me as it is here that I have learned so much about our illnesses and their treatments. Knowledge is power and having others who understand what we go through is such comfort.

    Bless you, Lil.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was just thinking the same thing, really, about how it's been 3 year's, going on four, and I like you Thank God that I found this board. I had never heard of FMS, I too was in shock, and then I read a Post by you and RitaD, and I knew I was among other's like myself who needed direction, and Knowledge to defend myself aganist this new Condition, that had turned my life upside down, just as your's had been.

    Well the only thing that hasn't changed, is that now I know that I am not alone, the Board's Grown, and I'm sorry to see that, because it means that there are more who are suffering, and we still don;t have any Real Answer's, but we have Each Other.

    Thanks for being, you Lil, you are such a Fighter, yeah!

  4. Jen F

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    for the support I have received on this board, so I echoe your sentiments Lil.

    I also stress the importance of this board as a lifeline to some.

    A few of you should know exactly what I am saying by not saying it.

    Lil, IIRC you were one of the first people to respond to my early posts when I first found this board in my own little desperation. I say little desperation because your situation was and is worse, i am afraid...

    I have appreciated your input and your spunk and your survival.

    kudos to you!!

    Jen F