Important Article - Coagulase Negative Staph Infections PLS READ!

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    Has anyone here been diagnosed with this strain of Staph? I also found other articles linking it with CFS . . . including the biotoxin article in the library here regarding Dr. Shoemaker. I have a severe chronic sinus infection that was worsened when I had surgery and then came down with CFS . . . since then I have had severe vaginal and urinary infections . . . when I found this article I looked into the staph infections that I've had in the urinary tract and sure enough, they are coagulase negative! Evidently this type of Staph produces toxins and can hide in cells like mycoplasma, resisting normal antibiotic treatments. The toxin causes problems with the HPA Axis in the brain creating both immune and neurological problems. I also found info about DNA PCR testing available for this organism. Dr. Shoemaker's article (near the end) gives interesting testing info also. Would love to hear comments, info. on this . . . Since I have bad sinus problems I found the last two paragraphs extremely interesting . . . Terri

    New research could lead to an even brighter outlook for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers. In a breakthrough at the University of Newcastle, scientists believe they've found the bacteria which causes the fatigue and pain suffered by patients. Micro-organisms responsible for digesting and absorbing food are grossly different in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. That change in the type and number of micro-organisms produces a toxic chemical, and researchers believe this can destroy parts of human cells.

    Dr Henry Butt, University of Newcastle: "There's a dramatic change in the type of micro-organism in the gut, resulting in a different type of material being absorbed."

    The Australian scientists have identified staphylococcus bacteria within Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. Their laboratory findings back up clinical trials in Sweden where a vaccine targeting staphylococcal infections is achieving remarkable results.

    Prof Tim Roberts, University of Newcastle: "It is really exciting to find that a clinical treatment based on a vaccine against some of these toxins has an effect."

    Prof Carl Gottfries, University of Goteborg, Sweden: "We have known patients who've been vaccinated for four to six years. We have followed 23 patients in that way and half of them - a bit more than half of them - have been rehabilitated to work. It is spectacular because these patients have been on the sickness list for in average 12 years."

    The [Swedish] researchers say patients injected with the vaccine experience significantly less fatigue and less pain than a control group. A large-scale trial is now underway to verify the preliminary results.

    Prof Carl Gottfries: "I consider this really as some sort of breakthrough in the research of these patients."

    Prof Tim Roberts: "The link between our work and his work still has to be cemented, but at present it's very interesting and potentially very exciting." (my transcript)

    At the conference, Dr Gottfries described how he had started using staphylococcus toxoid vaccine on himself and his patients in Sweden when they had developed chronic fatigue and neurological symptoms (what we would now call CFS) after a flu epidemic in 1959. It wasn't until much later, from 1991 onwards, that he started doing scientific studies on small groups of patients. The results were so good that he is now doing a larger study.
    He didn't know that anyone else was doing similar work, until one day out of the blue he found out that scientists on the other side of the world were working on the same problem:

    whilst relaxing at his holiday house he had received a phone call from the Patent Office in Gernmany regarding an Australian group who had just filed patent on a staph vaccine in relation to CFS. He couldn't believe his ears as he'd been working in the dark all these years on his "own theory" and not understanding the "why" factor - and here an independent group had understood the "why" and were filing for patent. He got Prof Tim Roberts' phone number and being so excited he called Tim straight away (forgetting the time difference) - Tim took his call at 3am!
    They hope their collaboration can work to benefit more people with CFS in the future.

    Dr John Whiting, a Brisbane GP with an interest in CFS, writes that his own observations support the theory that staphylococcal infections are implicated in CFS:

    The coagulate negative staphylococci that Newcastle University has been researching for the last number of years seem to find the human nasal passages to be an ideal location for persisting colonisation ... it is of interest how commonly it is for CFS patients to give a history of chronic sinus infection, nasal congestion, or hay fever, as well as (and perhaps most importantly) secondary post-nasal drip of varying degrees. Furthermore, much more than the average severity of such symptoms is reported by approximately 90% of the patients that I have thus far interviewed. Cultures of the nose for these specific staphylococcal strains is performed easily by swabbing the nasal passages. The majority of such strains that are isolated ... have turned out to be toxin-producing strains.

    But how is it possible for staphylococci in the nose to colonise the gut, and so affect the overall health of the patient, as described by Gottfries and the Newcastle researchers? The unappealing answer may be that it is swallowed along with the mucus constantly dripping down the back of the throat from the sinuses. [3]

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    Great article and have printed this one off.

    Have you seen the improvement that Plantscaper has by taking Olive Leaf Extract on her sinus congestion?

    It`s a natural antibiotic.

    Love pat.

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    Last year, I had a sinus infection every 6 weeks, which was never resolved by all the docs I let take a whack at me..Not, too long ago, I complained to Nink about all the problems with March Madness (my most significant sinus problems usually start then with all the new allergens in the air)... I have had constant problems with migraines (up to 2xday) and a continual migraine during the Hayman Fire which put the allergens from the burning evergreens in the air...I have had constant nasal congestion with frequent blockages, where I had to nurse with the saline solutions every hour or so...I had allergies, that no physician had been able to help with thru allergy shots, antihistamines, etc..and the constant post-nasal drip was everypresent...In fact, these problems started about 25 years ago...

    Well, within a week of being on the Olive Leaf Extract, I started to start losing all of these symptoms and could breathe more free than ever before..And my battles with Migraines has totally stopped..Such a simple remedy that does so very much...You need to try it if you have these kind of symptoms...And it works on many more problems, as well..I have never had such great results, especially, in such a short period of time...

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    More so a few years ago~During which time i had such a stubborn sinus infection that I went thru 2 rounds of antibiotics,and still it persisted!!Soon after that bad one, I got a nasty illness,...fever,bronchitis.Well I recall my dr. saying that it turned into a staph infection!
    At the time I was only 28 and had never heard of that term staph~ My Mom thought it was something that one could catch while in a hospital???But I had'nt been in the hospital?? when I look back I started to get really run down sick at that time.I never did get better~ I'm 40 now.I was DX with FM a lil over 10 yrs ago.This really makes alot of sense in my case!! Thanks for the post!
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    I can't use saline rinses or ABX/herbs for my actual sinus issue (by the way, I get migraines with mine also). I have been found to have a structural problem caused by a previous deviated septum surgery that has to be repaired. What I am surmising may have happened to me . . . have had an immunologist mention this too (although not knowing what type of staph I had) . . . I think I have had the sinus thing for years (since the 1994 surgery), but the immunological thinks I got sick after the tubes for my surgery 19 months ago were put in my nose. I got really sick flu-like thing with bad respiratory/sinus congestion/drainage issues. Afterwards I began to develop neurological problems, painful joints, urinary tract infections, constant vaginal infections, etc. Last summer I was very, very sick and had urine cultured & this type of staph showed up . . . I think it has to be handled possibly with a protocol like the mycoplasmas because it can live inside cells and hide. TM
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    Maybe not for the sinus but definately all the other infections. I call it a Cassius Clay - It`ll have a go at anything that shouldn`t be there!

    Seriously, my daughter has Mycoplasma and had a brillient response to to OLE. It sorted her severe chesty catarrh too.

    Love Pat.
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    You would not believe what this herb can do until you try it... OLE has been used to treat the mycoplasmas, just as the ABX therapy..It has, also, been found to be effective against many bacteria, including Staph infections, as well as, funguses, viruses and parasites..

    I decided to go that route because it is such a safe herb without the potential gut problem you can develop with the ABX...Just give it a try..what is there to lose..(however, if you are taking heparin, it may be contraindicated as it helps in that area, too..)

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    Yes, I've read LOTS of great things about OLE . . . I just want to be tested to find out exactly what I'm dealing with first. Also, for the biotoxins Dr. Shoemaker has a different therapy than regular infections (not ABX), but a drug that is usually used for cholesterol problems. Biotoxins aren't able to be broken down normally by the liver to leave the body . . . this drug, cholestyramine is what they are using for the toxins (this staph is producing a bad toxin (hemolysin), not like normal staph infection). Thanks for the info . . . I want to try to get tested . . . there are a few suggestions on tests that I should get in the articles too. Hugs, Terri
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    Bumping for others to see . . .