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    Hi all,

    I hope this can help a lot of you. I like many of you have been to countless number of docs over the years. I have been having a real bad time for a while now and was able to get in with an infectious disease doc. Overall, not to impressed with him but one test in particuliar really stood out. When I got to the lab and the tech explained it to me I was amazed that the 50 physicians over the years never ordered this simple test. It's called a blood culture.

    Basically, they draw the blood at any Quest or Labcorp and one tube is labeled aerobic and the other anerobic, meaning both kinds of bacteria. They let it sit in the test tubes for about seven days to see if there is a blood born bacterial infection or infections. Considering how sick most of us are, I have never heard anyone on the site nor any of the CFS docs discuss this test. They also can be ordered for viruses, parasites and fungal infections. Although the latter three are not as comprehensive as the bacterial, I would strongly recommend you insist your doctors order the tests. I am passing this on to try to help all on here. If you go to Labcorp or focus diagnostics (part of Quest) web site and type in bacterial blood culture or fungal blood culture, or viral blood culture it will bring up the test and you can print it out for your docs.

    It's amazing to me for such well educated people how unbelievably stupid and narrow minded Physicians can be. Hope this helps and good luck to all.
  2. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

  3. Rafiki

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    I have been tested for all of these things in Canada at a regular hospital lab and they got the titer info.

    I know because I tested positive for all and had remarkably high titers.

    Peace out,
  4. maps1

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    have any Canadian labs that do pcr testing for mycoplasma. I sent mine to medical diagnotic labs and it cost me $75. Thankfully it was negative.

    Ministry of health does the tests for ebv, cmv, hhv6, although i think they no longer do ebv. My results for cmv were 1gG EIA reactive interpretation was evidence of past infection, not really sure what all that means.

    Not sure if that answers anyones question.

    I am also awaiting results from igenex and results from Genova Diagnostics for a comprhensive digestive anaylisis plus Bile Acids and pancreatic elastase, this was done via my naturapathic doc. My digestive problems account for at least 30-50% of my symptoms.


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    I just read what you said and I am quite surprised. That is new to me. Very good news indeed. Maybe Dr. Dantini's office preferred the testing results at a US lab. Glad to hear that.
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    i'm in canada and have now spent a fortune on american testing and treatment.

    if there are canadian docs who send people to the US for tests, does that mean OHIP (ontario health insurance) will cover it??

    i wish there was some sort of lawsuit. it is NOT fair that we have to spend this kind of money when there is no real treatment in canada.

    but i guess i shouldn't complain too much. the people in the UK seem to have even more obstacles....

  7. Bruin63

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    How timly for me, as I have been doing a lot or researching on Blood in the Urine.

    My tests, show that there is Blood , but it dosen't show any Infections.
    I know they aren't doing the 7day test, and I was thinking about this , and I am planning on discussing this with my Primay, next visit.

    I have a Condition, that maybe causing this, but so far, can't find a connection.

    Thanks again, for the info, I plan on checking this before seeing my Dr.s

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    Well maybe not in Canada. But in the US, they are! Thanks
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    I had a PCR panel done for presence of several viruses and mycoplasma a few months ago (~Nov. 2008) through my naturopath, Dr. Beaulne.

    Can't remember the name of the Lab, but it was was either at Humber River or Northwestern Hospital. I'll dig it up as soon as I can.

    Price IIRC, was about $C 380.00 for 4 or 5 viruses, plus mycoplasma.

    I tested negative for everything except the myco. It's Doxy time!
    I can't speak for the quality of the tests, but they are PCR, and Tracey does have a fine reputation. My experience with her has been very good so far.

    I was told the lab could do counts, but I would have to pay for a diff. test to do so.

    Hope this helps someone.

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  10. gapsych

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    What about lyme?

  11. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    My doc didn't tell me they were taking BOTTLES of my blood. I feel like a victim of a vicious vampire. She wanted different sites to be sure there wasn't a false positive since I've been sick for a long while now and we've run out of ideas.

    If you go in for a blood culture, be sure to eat something before you go and be well hydrated. I was sick for two days after it was all over.

    320 ml of blood is a lot to lose in one sitting ... ugh
  12. frickly

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    Sometimes people just need to blow off steam. It took me seven years, seven! before I found a doctor that did the right blood test for mycoplasmal infection and glutithione. Because of these tests I am finally beginning to recover. Over these years I have had dozens of vials of blood taken and always told I was the picture of health. I just kept asking myself, then why am I in terrible pain and can't make it up my stairs? After awhile I did start to get angry. There are some very knowledgable doctors but we are, often times, not taken seriously and dismissed. I am glad there are some doctors on this site interested in our views and concerns.

    Take care,
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  13. maps1

    maps1 Member

    I have always felt my illness was bacterial and I was right. I did test positive for mycoplasma pneaumonia about five years ago and was treated. But when I tried to find a lab 18 months ago to do the pcr testing and testing for bacterial infections I had no luck. I called all the major labs across Canada.

    I think one thing we should all be aware of is that things are changing and I think quite quickly now. There are so many more tests available now.

    So many of us are sick now that I had been hoping that the private sector would realize that thier was money to be made :) . I truly believe this is happening.

    We all have a huge variety of symptoms and I think that one day they are going to finally realize that we all have some kind of bacterial infection and not necessarily the same bacteria, which is constantly draining our immune system to the point of exhaustion.

    Many of you will remember how much pain I have been in over the last year and I have turned out to be one of the lucky ones who tested positive for lyme and also babesiosis (which explained all my chills and sweats).

    So my body for the last ten years has been trying to fight of one bacterial infection and one parasite, according to the medical literature neither of these are supposed to be around for years and yet i was positive.

    I am six weeks into 400md doxy a day and I am noticing some major changes.

    I just wish that someone somewhere would get a huge powerful microscope and take samples of all bodily fluids and tissues and really look at them. Surely this would be cheaper than keeping us all sick. I know pretty dumb statement but it is so sad and frustrating that we have all had to lose so many years.

    Here is a link to some videos, there is an excellent documentary film launching in new york next weekend. I know it is about lyme bacteria but if you listen to all the people who over the years have travelled the same path as us but are now being treated with antibiotics and getting better. I beleive this documentary is going to help everyone of us that has been given the diagnosis of cfs.

    Not because it is lyme but because I just don't understand why doctors don't treat cfs with long term antibiotic, just to make sure that we do not have a bacterial infection they cannot find (when I say long term I am talking 6months).

    I remember Mikie posting here and I think she still does occasionally but many years ago she started pulsing with antibiotics and I followed her lead and every time I went on antibiotics I would feel better. No doctor would prescribe them for longer than six weeks though so everytime I would start to decline.

    I hope this does not offend anyone or get me kicked off but I so strongly believe we are dealing with bacterial/parasitic infection that they just can not find.

    Good luck to you all.


    Here is the link:

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  14. frickly

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    Thanks for sharing your treatment with us. I also beleive bacteria is a strong component to CFS. I don't know if this is the cause or if this is a problem with our immune systems which makes us more suseptable to bacteria. Also, I beleive our bodies are unable to detox from enviornmental toxins in the way a healthy individual could. As my doctor has told me, it is difficult to know which came first. The chicken or the egg. Did my bacterial infection weaken my immune system and cause a depletion in glutithione or did my weak immune allow this bacteria to invade my body? Only time and more research will give us this answer. Anyway, I think it is important that we share our success stories with one another as it is very difficult to find a doctor who is trained in this area.
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    Gasolo I find your post insulting. 4 years and 26 doctors later I have found one to listen and look. The others ran a few blood tests of their choice and told me it was all in my head. I'm guessing you're in the group.
  16. skeptik2

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    Todd, I did not see any post from Gasolo on here; even if so, we try to give the other side of the coin instead of fighting one another, ok? We are all fighting hard enough to get well, one way or the other. Please don't take anything anyone says personally, will you try?

    Maps1, there is no way anyone would care that you shared this pertinent story with us! Thank you so much.

    I tested positive by pcr for 3 mycos: my VA dr. looked at the results and said not one word. He says I'm doing great! Little does he know.

    You all keep on fighting: help is on the way thru the WPI and others who are not going to stand for this any longer...

    Love and Hugs to you all,
  17. toddm

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    As you can see (or not) the message board has removed Gasolo post. I pretty much re-typed his reponse to Maps1, but turned it on him. I agree with you 100% we're here to support each other and spread all the information we can, but we all need to stand up against people like Gasolo.
  18. gasolo

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    Just to clear up your misconception. I removed my post. It what way do you need to stand up against people like me? I assume you do not now me or anything about me. You seem to have considerable hostility towards me. Excuse me if I take offense when people call physicians "stupid". Being a physician and spending the majority of my life helping people, I suppose I do get upset when people make such remarks. Just like most the other poster, I also deal with the same frustration of searching for an elusive cure for this dd.

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