IMPORTANT:can i get exact results from a finger prick only?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alluring, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. alluring

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    or do i need to do a blood test?my parents are convinced that there's nothing wrong w/ me,so i'll get my grandmother to test my blood because she has diabetes.but do i get exact results?ive read once that u need a blood test to be that true?
  2. amaryllis

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    results you are looking for here. You can get the results of a low blood sugar reading from a finger prick test with what I assume is a glucometer that your grandmother probably uses to test her own blood sugar levels, but it will not give you a diangosis for any problems you may be having.

    Please see a doctor who can run any necessary tests to give you a diagnosis for your problems and appropriately treat you and your symptoms.

    Feel better.
  3. Cactuslil

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    I am frustrated over just the same type thing. I tested normal on the routine lab exam (blood) but they did not do the 120-day it is back again. So, a year ago the doc determined yes, I have diabetes and basically said do you want pills now or want to try diet!

    I know nothing about diabetes!

    Well, all of a sudden now I need serious care to my lower mandible and wa-la I am tossed a Precision Whatever and take pre and post prandial readings and try to adjust my diet accordingly. Two full months now of this crap while the clock is ticking. I am 53. I must prove I can heal before any surgical procedure is effected! My little machine can give me a 120 or 150 days readings but big-deal if a treatment plan is not developed! Good luck! CactusLil'