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  1. myalgiamania

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    please, for your own sake ask to see your medical records before anyone else sees them. (such as lawyers, disability agents, other physicians etc.)

    i have a wonderful doctor, and after our session he records the facts of my visit on a tape recorder.

    i have had to get my records for my disability lawyer, and actually most of them they fax to his office. it just so happens that my doctor gives them to his patient first. well guess what, there were at least 10 important mistakes on them.

    for example: they said i was already on disability, when in fact they needed to say that my doctor advises that i be granted disability because knowone would hire me with the severity of my fibro.

    they also said i didn't have asthma, when i do and i am on a nebulizer and rescue inhaler daily

    they said i smoke a pack of cigaretts a day...when i basically quit smoking except for an occasional one when my husband smokes and i'm a nervous wreck over things like!

    well thats just a few. when they are transcribed mistakes often are made. this isn't the first time i've had to have them corrected. but it's probably the worst time.

    it's a good thing i saw them before disability did, although i'm sure my lawyer would have noticed some of the errors.

    this can certainly cause disability to decline you or maybe other doctors to misdiagnose you.

    it's always a battle, isn't it. and we are much to tired for that...but this has delayed my records for another week.

    i pray i get approved after all of this. it's so very draining physically and financially.

    God Bless!
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    lorivanrossum New Member

    I need diasabilty it hurts sooooo bad all day burning spasms .....But everyone says i LOOK GOOD GO FIGURE having a hard time typing haven't felt my left hand for a month

    good luck as us chheseheads say YOU GO GIRL
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    tracii New Member

    I called disability last week, got the initial paperwork today.

    They want all of this paperwork sent to them that I don't even know where to begin to start getting! I can't even remember the first doctor's name who dx'd me over 10 years ago! Hoping I find a bill or get his name from the pharmacy I got all my scripts from back then.

    They set me up for a phone appt for 9/26 - I already know I won't be ready for it.

    I'm going to call them to change it to a later date, probably for an in office appt too.
  4. myalgiamania

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    i checked on the internet and found a company that said they have a 97% success rate.

    most people get turned down the first two times. lawyers help so much. you don't have to pay them, they take a percentage.

    make sure you complete all paperwork, no matter how rediculous it seems.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    i'll let you all know if it goes through this time.
  5. O2blkHIM

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    hi, let me encourage you to try applying w/o an attorney the first time. I did and got approved the first time. If you have good medical records then you probably won't have a problem. I was told by everyone that you always get denied the first time but that was not true for me. I'm glad I didn't hire an attorney.
  6. myalgiamania

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    my first shot was without a lawyer. i just couldn't financially wait years. i certainly wish it had gone through right away.

    thanks and God Bless
  7. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

  8. glafdy

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    I want to reaffirm that good records is the key to getting your disability. I have a friend in CA that works for disability and she told me to get every doctors report, lab report, anything that might have to do with your situation.

    I was fortunate and got my disability the first time in about 5 months. On my list of doctors I went so far as to list a hospital (that no longer exists) that I went to after serious head injuries when I was 14 (I am now 55). I did that because my psychiatrist kept referring on my report about my car accident, thinking that might have something to do with my depression, fybromyalgia or even back pain.

    Don't consider any medical information too trivial to put down on the form. And try to get the doctor's name and address on the form, SS doesn't like to spend time looking up addresses my friend told me.

    I hope this information helps. It was such a relief for me to get my disability the first time. I was too Dutch to share my money with a lawyer, so all worked out well with me.

    Good luck on your paperwork.


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